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3.3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Managers are expected to do a lot and part-time staff are expected as you way more than any other stock position but for the same pay the store environments themselves can be quite entertaining and a lot of fun but there's a lot of top-down pressure for not a lot of compensation

Points positifs

Discounts, pets come in

Points négatifs

Low pay, no work-life balance
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Poor pay, awful management

The salary of this company is way below standard. The management is awful. Very toxic work place. No exit interview, was let go with out even being told why. Don't conduct performance reviews. Both my managers spent all day talking gossip about fellow employees. Just all around poorly run company. Stay far away!

Points positifs

Employee discount.

Points négatifs

Management, pay
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i gave my all for nothing

I worked as a manager for 5 years , never missed sales goals, always high 90's on stour visits, always received bonus, took it upon myself to help multiple local charitys. All to be blind sided the day before another raise was due and was let go "without cause" , made to leave like a criminal, wasn't allowed to retrieve my personal belongings, still do this day no explanation. Proving what I was always told about the company "don't over work yourself for them , to them you are only a replaceable body "

Points positifs

customers are fantastic

Points négatifs

will fire you for no reason
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Good job

High quality training for position and products. Always changing environment with new product lines. Can advance to other positions within the company.
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Very poorly managed. Employees are not valued unless they are robots to the people who make the money. If you have an opinion you are the outsider. Favoritism is a problem. They allow verbal threats and dont do anything about it
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Great Management

Love of animals, then this is the place to be. Ongoing ability to upgrade your knowledge is encouraged. The Boss being Hands-On was always there to support and mentor.
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Enjoyed the job

I really enjoyed working for Pet Valu. The staff was amazing and so was the owner, it was a team environment. I liked working with the animals as well as helping people learn how to improve their pets health and quality of life.
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Excellent company - Franchise owners are Independant

Pet Valu has an amazing work culture and it shows with the excellent service, clean stores and pride staff takes in the job. Note: Stores are individually franchised. Some store owners can be difficult. Advice: Caution who you work for.

Points positifs

Great training, fun team, good Managers, flexible

Points négatifs

Owners can be mean
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Owner is horrible

Rude and talks down to employees, yells at employees in front of other customers. Threatened workers jobs and wages. Other employees are nice and curtious.

Points positifs

Christmas Party
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Productive and fast paced, must have experience

It’s a lovely job all in all I definitely would go back, was a great environment to work in and the hours were okay but could of had more hours, working with pets is a definitely worth the job labour
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Fun place to meet pet lovers and also work with great staff

Most enjoyable part of the job is the pets who come in to visit as you get to watch them grow up, learn new things or just become attached to them. Customers are different than if you worked in a mall retail setting as they have more patients for you, listen more and happy. The management can be different from store to store that you work at as it depends on the person I find an how they run the store they work at. The culture is a fun one but can be stressful at times especially during event times or making sure your reaching the sale targets because you want to succeed for the store and the company. Hardest part of the job is truck, finding out a customers pet has passed away, or moving. You learn a lot about yourself, the pet life style, people.

Points positifs

Pets, events to attend, Always learning new things

Points négatifs

Not many weekends off
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Decent company but room for improvement

They keep management busy but hire poor employees and expect you to build them up. Challenges in the workplace include standing for long periods of time and quickly resolving problems. Great training is provided and ongoing support is always there.

Points positifs

Great training

Points négatifs

Alot of down time
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Fun work environment, lots of pets come in, great customers

Overall decent place to work. The pay does not equal what you are expected to know/do. Lack of communication issues. Feedback is not listened to. Above average training
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It's not playing with pets all day

If you wish to be micromanaged and your rights to be ignored then this corporate giant is for you. Believe me, even though the staff are all smiles when you walk in, and there's a cute cat to look at, everyone is miserable. (Especially in Dartmouth)
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AVOID if possible, unethical company!

Work/Life Balance: if you're a store manager or district manager, there is no balance at all....Pet Valu monopolizes your time. It's not uncommon for managers and DMs to receive calls, emails and texts multiple times on their days off. Additionally, new hires are expected to complete over 40 hours of online training UNPAID and on their own time! Salary: very low considering the expectations for store staff and managers. Manager's wages are based on store's sales, so if you have the misfortune of landing a low volume store, your wage will reflect (even though that is beyond your control and you're still do the same amount of work as someone managing a high volume store). In franchise stores the owners set the wages and this can either work in the employee’s favor or disadvantage depending on the franchisee, Head Office does not regulate franchise wages. Job Security/Advancement: as a company, Pet Valu rarely promotes from within, turnover is alarmingly high-even for retail- and as an employee you do not feel valued. It's a very stressful place to work because you never know from one day to the next if you will be fired. It appears great employees are terminated for no reason...often. Management: some store managers are worried about keeping their jobs while others do a terrible job and are kept on for some bizarre reason. The management styles of store managers vary from store to store, some are more positive (usually newer managers) while others are all doom and gloom. As for district managers, they each have their own agenda and will help store managers if it 'works - 

Points positifs

Great nutritional training

Points négatifs

Everything else about the company
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excellent job

I had many tasks but every day was different. Key focus was customer satisfaction to the highest level. I learned a lot about how to meet sales goals and how to motivate staff to also meet these goals.
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Franchise store

It was excellent working within the company, and advancement came quickly based on my performance.

Points positifs

excellent advancement

Points négatifs

franchised store
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Great company

Pet Valu is a great company to work for. They invest a lot of time and money to fully train their staff so they are knowledgeable and courteous. The customers of Pet Valu can feel safe in anything an employee of Pet Valu recommends.

Points positifs

staff discounts

Points négatifs

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