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Assistant Manager15 avis
Canada15 avis

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3.3Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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One of the best jobs I’ve ever had!

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You get to meet all like-minded coworkers and pet owners (bonus of seeing dogs or cats every day!).You work closely with a cat rescue to find adoptable homes for them in store, work with dog rescues events once a month and overall it’s a straight forward job for those with a head on their shoulders! It’s not rocket science but it is a fast spaced environment. Usually your shift you might work alone or with another coworker, possibly 3 all together! (Full team on truck/delivery days) this job kept me on my toes for 5 years. There’s a lot of responsibility with the high demand and cleaning (especially the stores with a dog wash). It can be overwhelming if you’re alone or with a coworker to keep up with the demand of the store while trying to clean, keep tabs with stock, help customers and prep for Flyer day OR putting the delivery away OR simply closing the store at the end of day. There’s rarely time to be lazy or else you’re creating a headache for yourself and the team.

Points positifs

Fun atmosphere and coworkers

Points négatifs

Long task list / high store demand / short staff and the minimum wage pay
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Awful place to work !

I thought this would be a fun place to work , the local pet shop , full of dogs , puppy's and happy people , How nice would that be well that part was right but what I did not expect was the extremely poor management ! Terrible work culture with bullying and favoritism ,They lose staff on a constant basis and after a few months it became apparent why . do yourself a favor and look elsewhere .....

Points positifs

Dogs and Pups

Points négatifs

Terrible manager
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Poor management

I worked in several positions both in store and in Home office. There was literally not a competent manager in the whole place. Just people trying to CYA by blaming everyone else. Such a sad experience .

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Points négatifs

Constant exploitation
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Productive and fun environment

Working for this company is fun and challenging. You interact with many members of the public and their pets. Working in the store can be challenging as their are many tasks to be completed besides standing at the counter ringing through customers. You need to take on the whole store for stocking shelves, cleaning and looking after animals. As a groomer you are responsible for the whole grooming salon. Set up appointments and manage your schedule. Maintain cleanliness and disinfect the equipment and room as needed. Keep supplies stocked and of course produce a great quality grooming experience for the pet and its owner.
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Great work place

Petvalu is in enjoyable work place with lots of fun experiences and great staff. flexible hours and paid time off. hard to move from part time staff to any other position
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Great place to work but low pay compared to other retail jobs

A lot of people think it's just playing with animals all day - it definitely has those perks, but it's also still a job in retail that sometimes even working alongside animals can't make better. I did have a great team that were supportive and were more like friends in the end, but what drove me away was the pay. It was very low. Minimum wage for part timers, and even as Assistant Manager, I only made a few cents more. Even my manager's pay was extremely low compared to other managers' salaries at other retail jobs. You learn A LOT though which is super great. But for the amount you know after being trained, and what management does on a daily basis, the pay should be MUCH higher.

Points positifs

Extensive training, animals, great store management

Points négatifs

Low pay, not a lot of recognition or advancement opportunities
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Decent place to work if you love animals. Not much room for growth though and a lot fo corporate locations are turning into franchise so chances are you won't be kept on the stafff. Corporate doesn't always have a spot for you to move to so you may be left out of a job.
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Wonderful pet parents and amazing Staff. I would definitely go back to work there in a heartbeat. The owner is the kindest person I have ever met.
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Great customers, and wonderful to be around animals all day long.

- Great customers - Fast-paced work - Ability to gain real experience - Get to be around animals - Constant change - Long hours - Competitive
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Was like a second home to me

I very much enjoyed working here because the staff were like family and I love animals. I enjoyed all the knowledge that was required to work there. The regular customers were a treat and I miss working in this type of environment.
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fun place to work. cant move up though

good place to work for a highschool student. cant really move up or get a raise. hours arent the best either
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Rewarding job with a positive atmosphere.

Customer service with a smile. Accurate product knowledge. Booking grooming appointments. Inventory. Handling and processing cash and debit/credit. Best part of this job is the daily interaction with the neighborhood pets.

Points positifs

Neighborhood regulars.
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Hard work, but excellent training

**I worked for Pet Valu the corporation, not a franchise. This review is strictly based on working at a corporate location. ** Pet Valu has an excellent training program. I felt very confident with the knowledge they armed me with for dealing with customers. They had exams that every employee was required to take, as well as seminars that were put on by the different pet food companies. It can be a lot of hard work. It's not just front end work like a lot of people expect. A lot of it is dealing with delivery; hauling bag after bag of 40lb dog food bags (or cat litter!) onto shelves that are well over your head. Pet Valu, for an 8 hour shift, gives you one unpaid 30 min break...and that's it. They say that you can have 2 15's...but if you try and take one you're in a lot of trouble. You're constantly on call (no matter what your position is), the district manager (at the time) was not a very nice person (trying to be polite here). That's not just my opinion, it was known chain-wide. Basically it's a good place to work if you don't mind being used a bit. They do teach you a lot about nutrition, but they work you like a dog and pay you very little for it. Oh, and corporate sold our store to a franchiser even though they promised they wouldn' job security is kind of shaky.

Points positifs

Training program

Points négatifs

Salary, Delivery, Inflexible with shifts
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No room for improvement

Handled customer issues and enjoyed working with animals. Unless you are a franchise owner there is not alot of room for advancement.
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worked with some great people

I worked in all areas of the store from opening to running cash, sales, ordering inventory, stocking shelves, supervising staff, dealing with returns and complaints, all the way to closing up and making the night deposit.The most enjoyable part of the job were the people I worked with. We just had a reunion this past summer and we all still keep in touch. We were very close!!!

Points positifs

paid lunch

Points négatifs

unloading the truck by room for a forklift! :)
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