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Why would you want to work at Pet Valu?

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There are pros and cons to every retail job. Pet Valu provides their employees with awesome resources and great training on their products. Every owner is different, however, any store that I know of offers item discounts to their employees. Lots of dogs come in to visit/shop and a lot of stores have an in-store cat up for adoption. You are guarenteed at least 10 hours a week and get a 30 minute lunch if you work more than 5 hours during a shift as per government regulation. Sometimes things can get frustrating due to having smaller staff sizes (harder to get time off when you need it) and unreasonable customers... but this is no different than other small retail jobs.

I like pets and also for the need of money

Pets but other than that, youll die and be depressed, stressed, anxiety, bullied, harrased, threatened for no reason, and being a target to be hated on.

If u like animals and want to learn about nutrition

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