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I wore what I had seen the other employees wearing, and what I deemed fit for the position. Seemed to have done me good, they said it looked like I "was ready to start work today"
Réponse du 1 juin 2017
Every Manager has a different way of hiring. The standard is a phone interview with a different manager and an in person interview with the manager of the store you are applying. There are a series of standard retail related questions. During my interview they had me demonstrate my attention to detail by asking me to point out the differences on certain product packages and had me properly stock the shelf with the same items. After you are hired they take time to train you for everything.
Réponse du 1 juin 2017
16 and older
Réponse du 28 mars 2018
What is the age requirement?
Posée le 13 novembre 2017
I was 16 at the time of hiring so take it as a minimum age of 16. Probably depends a lot on the manager and your maturity level.
Réponse du 13 novembre 2017
What do you wear at work?
Posée le 7 novembre 2017
Pants that have no holes, jeans are okay. No leggings or super tight fitting pants. Shirts must cover belly and have some sort of sleeve. No large logos or pictures on clothing. Must be able to turn and bend over comfortably without showing extra skin.You do wear a company vest with a name tag on top of your clothing.
Réponse du 7 novembre 2017
41 hours weekly. 8 hours/shift and one day I have a 9 hour shift.
Réponse du 6 février 2019
When you're working alone and it gets busy with the phone ringing at the same time as cashing out a long line & also having another customer on the side asking questions too.
Réponse du 16 décembre 2018
Yes, they're not concerned with appearance.
Réponse du 14 novembre 2018
You get laid off, as soon as the work slows down after the Christmas season.
Réponse du 23 septembre 2018
Is 30 hours considered part time?
Posée le 3 août 2018
No, it is considered full time
Réponse du 3 août 2018
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