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belle place quand on a pas d'étude

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Pour un emploi temporaire ou de toute une vie, c'est un endroit avec des gros salaire et des bons avantages sociaux.
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Hard work, no work life balance

Worst place ever, management doesn’t care about you. Long long hours. Schedule you for 12+hours and still not enough time to complete task. Managers tell you what you don’t finish today you can complete tomorrow when you are scheduled for another 12+hour day. Keep you on part time forever with no benefits. Merchandisers are the lowest of the low and treated as such.
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Difficult job with no work life balance

Difficult work environment with no guidance, but high expectations. I would recommend this only to those who are single, dedicated, and don't mind working from dusk til dawn.

Points positifs

decent pay

Points négatifs

long hours
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Good pay and supportive colleagues

The pay is good and colleagues are very supportive and helpful. Overall a good and positive group of people to work with. Difficult to move up in the company.
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Très stressant , pas de flexibilité travail famille , salaire très basic pour tout le travail que nous devons effectué, horaire changeante , tu ne sais jamais quel heure tu fini
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Fine place to work

I was able to run my route the way I wanted with little interference from management but it can be a bit stressful at times dealing with the same customers who put up the same roadblocks over and over again.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

lots of driving
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Run the other way.

You are a disposable number, next number. ⁶ They will work you 5 days a week and expect you to work the weekend also, they will try to consume your life.
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Great work and home life balance

Great communication from management. They care about work life balance, huge clothing allowance for winter gear. Easy to get comfortable and want to stay within the company
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Pepsi is ok

Its a decent place to work, but not the best place to work either. There is a lot of room to grow which is excellent, but the management isn't too great. Overall decent
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Great Job for people that are self motivated and enjoy working alone.

9-12 hr. daysThe harder you work, the more you get paidYou basically are your own boss, but your boss is generally there to help you succeed.Great job for those that like to work alone, not so good for those that need supervision or cannot manage their time.The days are long but you have flexibility with your time.

Points positifs

Be your own Boss

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Very High Pace

Very high paced company. They talk about work, home life balance, but that is not possible if you want to advance. No overtime for management/supervisor positions but you are expected to be on call all hours of the day including weekends. They use WhatsApp to keep in touch with you and expect you to answer their emails/calls/texts even when you are on vacation. Expect to work in excess of 60 hours per week on your normal 40 hour salary if you want any chance of advancement. Supervisors normally don't last more than a year before leaving or getting fired. About 10% move up the proverbial ladder. Good luck if you take this job, you're going to need it.
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Fast paced work environment, folks with a work ethic will really shine here

I have learned a ton of practical skills in the retail food business during my time at Pepsi Beverages. Hard work and going the extra mile are rewarded with the occasional prize for hitting sales metrics. If you possess a strong work ethic and good people skills this role would be a good fit for you. Branded clothes and other swag are given to you several times a year. When new products come out you can usually expect a sample. Like any job there are of course a few drawbacks. Although we are 40 hour a week salaried employees, we can often work upwards of 50 hours a week. Especially if you are covering an out of town sales route. There is no cheating the drive time it takes to cover some of these rural areas in Alberta. Advancement can be tough for those who aren’t willing to relocate as well. If you are a person who doesn’t mind moving to a different city or province to advance their career then the sky is the limit at Pepsi. There are also the obvious advantages of working for a big place like this such as a pension, benefits, RRSP match, job security, and competitive pay. Just come ready to work hard and have the occasional long day.

Points positifs

Pay, benefits, job security

Points négatifs

Long hours, advancement tough for those unwilling to relocate
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Its a warehouse job.

They pay well, its hard physical work and the hours are kinda bad being 5-1:30 in the morning and its all seniority so you are going to be laid off but overall its a pretty fun job and if those three things don't bother you and you stay with it then you can find a lifelong career here.

Points positifs

Great pay, Benefits

Points négatifs

Awkward shift, hard work, lay offs
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Horrible company to work for

Long hours to sustain a living wage. Be careful not to get injured... if they are concerned about your physical health they will find a reason to terminate you. Poor/weak district sales leaders with little to no on the job experience. I was with them for 10 years with strong growth month after month to be threatened with cuts as I was earning too much.
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Fast paced environment

Was a student job at the time. Tons of hours to pick up. Pay was great for being a student (was $22/hr back in 2013). Hours were pretty good too. Either 6am-2pm or 2pm-10pm
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Not the best company to work for

They need to work on their managers they're really not helpful when it comes to day to day tasks, they don't help you succeed or take another person's point of view
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Great work life balance

Overall, Pepsi Co was a great employer, work life balance is something that is emphasized in the work environment. The only problem i had was with upper management, quite frankly i would constantly get rude snarky remarks. But that's just my experience with my department.

Points positifs

Work life balance

Points négatifs

Can get hectic
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overall decent

Unless you are educated in somesort engerneering you advancment oppritunities are next to nothing. Supervisor is as far as you can make regardless of xperience and knoledge, they just want new grads to filter through

Points positifs

Good wage, breat work life balance, good bennifits

Points négatifs

No Schooling no advancement
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Hard work never appreciated

If you do a good job you will simply be rewarded by having to clean up after other people. They call it a “team” but I’m pretty sure everyone on a team is supposed to pull their own weight and whoever isn’t should be held accountable? Doesn’t happen here. Scheduling usually hardly makes sense, you get sent nearly an hour away from your home multiple times a week meanwhile the gas/mileage rebate they give you is abysmally low. Most people in grocery stores are miserable and unhappy to see you 90% of the time, which makes the day very dreadful. Met some decent people. Pay/benefits are decent. They give you a work phone but personally I got an iPhone 7 that barely works so it will really just add more frustration to your day. I could go on but long story short, if you currently enjoy your life, do not apply here.
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Big company with good pay

As a truck driver you get paid for everything you do unlike transport companies. Get paid for stat holidays too. If you’re not afraid of physical work and you like to make money this is the place to drive a truck! Bonuses paid for doing a good job and taking pride in your work.

Points positifs

Paid stat holidays. Banked stat holidays. Opportunities to move into other roles.

Points négatifs

Long hours. Working in all weather conditions.
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Selective advancement

Advancement in this company is for people who want to try out all aspects of Food Manufacturing. It is limited for Subject matter expert’s as the only advancement is if you are willing to relocate every 3 to 5 years. They hire from outside but value expertise within so integrating in challenging.
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