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belle place quand on a pas d'étude

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Pour un emploi temporaire ou de toute une vie, c'est un endroit avec des gros salaire et des bons avantages sociaux.
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Good pay and supportive colleagues

The pay is good and colleagues are very supportive and helpful. Overall a good and positive group of people to work with. Difficult to move up in the company.
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Find work somewhere else

Watch your back. There are crabs who'll push you down to get them up just like in any organizations. But my expectation was high since this is a global brand. I thought things like these were fine tuned already. I was wrong. Bottom Line i realized of course profits first for them.

Points positifs

Competitive compensation

Points négatifs

Favoritism, ineptness
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Fast paced work environment, folks with a work ethic will really shine here

I have learned a ton of practical skills in the retail food business during my time at Pepsi Beverages. Hard work and going the extra mile are rewarded with the occasional prize for hitting sales metrics. If you possess a strong work ethic and good people skills this role would be a good fit for you. Branded clothes and other swag are given to you several times a year. When new products come out you can usually expect a sample. Like any job there are of course a few drawbacks. Although we are 40 hour a week salaried employees, we can often work upwards of 50 hours a week. Especially if you are covering an out of town sales route. There is no cheating the drive time it takes to cover some of these rural areas in Alberta. Advancement can be tough for those who aren’t willing to relocate as well. If you are a person who doesn’t mind moving to a different city or province to advance their career then the sky is the limit at Pepsi. There are also the obvious advantages of working for a big place like this such as a pension, benefits, RRSP match, job security, and competitive pay. Just come ready to work hard and have the occasional long day.

Points positifs

Pay, benefits, job security

Points négatifs

Long hours, advancement tough for those unwilling to relocate
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Good company

Supervisor was amazing. Most staff members were great. Company itself is awesome. Some employees who have been there a while get very jealous if they see you succeeding and try to cause problems.
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PepsiCo Foods Calgary

Hard working team, nice managers that are always helpful and are caring. Not every company is perfect, but the people and products are great. Difficult to work in retail stores as you are a vendor. So have to stay positive.

Points positifs

Benefits, great people

Points négatifs

Long hours, work life balance
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Internship was great. Challenged with real world business problem and learnt a lot.

Internship was great. Challenged with real world business problem ant learnt a lot. Project internship gives you the taste of working for the company.

Points positifs

culture is very welcoming

Points négatifs

do not have
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Awesome people

Awesome people fun place to work.Best I've felt in years no need for gym membership manager is super understanding for any time off. Everyone is super helpful
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Environnement de travail tres positif

C'est une excellente compagnie, je me sens très privilégié d'être à l'emploi de pepsico depuis maintenant 35 ans et si la santé me le permet je voudrais faire un autre 10 ans

Points positifs

Uniforme de travail et bottes de travail fourni

Points négatifs

Nous devons vivre avec les conditions climatiques, très chaud et humide parfois ou très froid l hiver mais à part de ça rien de négatif à dire
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Great job if you just got your class 1.

Great job if you just got your class 1. Usually work with 40ft trailers. Work is all local. Lots of heavy lifting. Need to be in shape. 10 hour shifts but supervisors let you work as much overtime as you want to get all your calls delivered. They have good driver trainers. You learn quickly that you need to be able to back up a trailer. They want you to do some merchandising but they have flexible shifts that let you have a second job. Good pay, good benefits, nice managers, other drivers are grumpy, bad job culture, no job advancement.

Points positifs

Money is good

Points négatifs

No advancement.
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Dirigé que par des passant

J'ai changé de direction 4 fois en 5 ans.Et que des carrièristes.

Points positifs

La clientèle

Points négatifs

Il change souvent d idée
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I was there as a seasonal employee. During my time there as a seasonal employee the management team as well as my line mates were VERY supportive. I definitely would come back if the opportunity ever did present itself.
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Great place to work and free chips. Everyone is so nice and helpful. And did I mention the free chips. Great pay with lot of opportunities. Highly recommend working here.
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Good place to start your career

Lack of training for the role with no work-life balance. Management frequently changes, which makes the culture unpredictable. Hires a lot of new graduates and so is a good option for someone who wants to join a fortune 500 company straight out of school.

Points négatifs

Long hours
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nice workplace and people are nice. Great culturem good benefits. Loyalty. Company events. Diverse environment and open neywork communonication. Stressful sometimes
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Safe and healthy workplace

Possesses excellent safety structure and management, EHS team is friendly and collaborative. Pleasant and happy Frontline workers. Great learning opportunities for EHS newgrads.
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Good job with a paycheque

Work your hours and you will get paid what you worked. Learned how to operate some machinery, how to interact with co workers, problem solving skills. Most enjoyable part of the job was co workers.
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Fast Paced

Fun, hardworking environment. Plenty of opportunities for advancement Great staff and Management Great valuesVolunteer experiences Great community involvement

Points positifs

Great Pay

Points négatifs

Heavy Lifting
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Great place to work

working for Pepsi is great because I am able to work as a team or independently, well I have learnt to be kind friendly and courteous to our clients, some times I might have some difficulties when I make my delivery and to drive back in the city.
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Total Waste of Time

Long hours and inconsistent workloads are the tip of the iceberg. One of the only Pepsi locations not run by a third party contractor, so management is allowed do as they please and treat people poorly without any accountability or transparency. Beyond disorganized. Should not advertise part time positions, as unofficially, genuine part time availability is considered for and often leads to more consistent decrews (they don't follow their own decrew policy, either). So basically unless you're willing to be unofficially near full time, your availability is held against you. If you have "enough" availability and they like you, they force feed you more hours than you ask for. It was a second part time job on it's own to ask management to get your schedule correct week to week. Nobody is there for drivers at 4am if something goes wrong, leading to longer days. They play favourites and at times take the opinions of these favourites into account when scheduling others for more hours or less - in what world is it common to have management enable subordinates to influence scheduling decisions regarding their peers? Their summer student positions pay $5 less for the EXACT same work - talk about cutting costs at every corner. Never seen a workplace culture as poor as this.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Management, uncomfortable working conditions, physically demanding, inconsistent part-time hours
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Hard Physical Work

I really enjoyed my time a Pepsico for the most part. I'm one of those people who flourish in a more manual job and throughly enjoyed the level of independence and activity each day brought. The management team did their best, but i felt, at times, was struggling to organize and communicate with their Merchandisers. I worked there for a year and was never issued a company phone to track my hours and keep up to date properly.If you enjoy working alone the job is great. There isn't much of a workplace culture, as most of the work was solo and in different locations throughout the city. it could be quite lonely.

Points positifs

Independence, consistent hours

Points négatifs

without proper gear for a large part of my time there (company phone to scan into stores), Hard physical labour.
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