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Warehouse Worker36 avis
Canada36 avis

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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Decent pay, but too much drama

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It's a unionized company so the salary increase is guaranteed every year, but there's a lot of drama going on with how the union is running the place.
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fast oaced days go by quick. short breaks.pays pretty well and pays double time on some stats. so that was a flr sure bonus. good too make a decent paycheque
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Challenging job but worth it

The job is challenging on the physical side but management listens to the employees. They always make sure the needs of workers are addressed. The benefits is something to look forward to towards retirement.
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productive workplace

not a bad place to work. place is seniority based. Get 3 weeks holiday right away. Very young management.
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Toxic place to work that doesn't care about safety.

Toxic work environment.They care more about numbers then they care about safety.You will work your butt off 12 miserable hours straight.Hr and management are impossible to speak with or to get a call back.A company this large shouldn't owe multiple employees thousands of dollars in back pay.STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR MENTAL HEALTH.

Points positifs

Discounted chips

Points négatifs

Everything else
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Don't work here at all!!!!!

One of the worst job's i have ever experienced. It is mind numbing and the management/workplace "drama" is too much. To anyone thinking of working for them, your better off looking for something else, trust me.
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Good place to work, good benifits and okay supervisors. Work can be fast at times but that’s expected in a warehouse environment. I would recommend it’s decent
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Lots of fun and lots of great people was very fun to work there only cons were that mangers don’t know anything and you work very long hours.
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Pepsi is ok

Its a decent place to work, but not the best place to work either. There is a lot of room to grow which is excellent, but the management isn't too great. Overall decent
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Where dreams go to die.

Terrible place to work if you have a brain on your head, they do not participate in the apprenticeship program although they have maintenance people millwright, electrician, welder etc. They will only allow people that have already a trade to get other trades they wont let people that break their back on the belt to get career advancements. Wouldn’t recommend unless it’s all you can get.

Points positifs

Condensed schedule

Points négatifs

No advancements
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Warehouse Tech

Day to day life of warehouse tech is easy enough, you'll start with pre shift and then depending if you can drive forklift or not you'll either be working on the pick belt with a partner loading trailer and rotating after breaks. Or you'll be driving fork loading trailers either by hand or just dropping off pallets and moving product around the warehouse. There is an expectation to maintain a work speed to keep your numbers up for the day but from my experience if you go negative a few times in a week it's not the end of the world. New hires can look forward to forklift training after 3-4 months a long with a nice pay increase. Seasonal hires won't get trained on forklift but often times they have a chance at full employment and forklift training. Management can be hit or miss depending on the shift you work some supervisors are more laxed then others. Upper management seems to try and provide different ways for communication but often ends up in delayed response. The people I have met be it management or just fellow everyday workers over all have been nice and welcoming. If I had any questions during training or something I've never encountered before people were more then willing to help or direct me to someone who could help. The hardest part of the job is maintaining your numbers especially during summer when its super busy and hot. This job is very physical and the standards that are set to meet your numbers in my option aren't very forgiving or realistic especially when driving forklift where any number of problems could arise killing your numbers. The most enjoyable - 
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Fast paced environment

Was a student job at the time. Tons of hours to pick up. Pay was great for being a student (was $22/hr back in 2013). Hours were pretty good too. Either 6am-2pm or 2pm-10pm
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My review

Great place to work. Fit what days of week I wanted to work. Super people to work with any get treated fairly. I felt like I belonged from day 1. I was only looking part time

Points positifs

Straight days

Points négatifs

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Fast faced and physical job, excellent pay and benefits

If you are looking for a good paying job and good benefits this company is highly recommended.but you need to be physically fit. More hours during peak season but during slow you have high chance of being down crewed if you are less senior hired.

Points positifs

Good pay

Points négatifs

You will be down crew if production not busy, seniority staffinf
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Good management, decent job and pay

I liked working there, the job was physical but not over the top, management was nice, co-workers were easy to get along with, the pay was a livable wage

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Hot in summer
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Lethbridge location is the only one not unionized in Canada

To start, everyone working here on hourly is getting paid $5 less an hour then every other location in the country. The warehouse is not climate controlled, so standing in a tractor trailer 6 hrs a shift stacking boxes from toe to 13' high gets very tiresome. Then the other half of your shift is running along a mile long 3 tier conveyor belt, transferring from one box to 160 of them at a height of 12", 36" or 60", then moving 8' and doing it all over again for 6 hours. Oh then you get 3, 20min breaks for your feet to rest and you to eat.

Points négatifs

Meeting target numbers, on your feet all shift, no climate control
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Pepsico Warehouse

The work is based on timing. If Management doesn't like you they get rid of you by the timing method. There is very little training done here. They wait to get so many employees to train and then they look at training after you have already worked on the equipment with no training. To become a regular employee you have to work so many hours per year. Most cases you never reach those hours to you don't become full time.

Points positifs

A free case of Pop on Occasion

Points négatifs

Totally disorganized and play favorites
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great people to work with and easy to get the hang of stuff

very easy to understand everything there, people are very nice there, great supervisor, need to be kind of fit to last a day there with all the lifting that is required there but over all very fun to work there.

Points positifs

great people

Points négatifs

hard to get in contact with manager
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Productive and fun

Productivity is estimated by a computer system, not very reliable in my point of view, depends on luck and some people seem able to know tricks about it,

Points positifs

Good work experience

Points négatifs

sometimes less work
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typical night was boring but hectic, management was on point, culture was alright, hardest part of the job was keeping up with loading. i enjoyed the job because it challenged me to do better
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Great pay

Been here awhile, not leaving anytime soon. Company has its share of problems but what company doesn’t, great ppl to work with , supervisors are great, hours are ok. All in all it’s a job with great pay/ benefits.
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Warehouse Worker chez PepsiCo

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20,55 $ par heure

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