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It was not the best job but it was always a wonderful work environment and I enjoyed my time there for the most part. The bathrooms needed work they were so messy.
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Okay Workplace, Use it as a learning experience to get your foot in the door elsewhere.

Great spot to learn some entry level skills and is a good resume booster. Not a place I'd want to spend a lifetime career at. So if you get a chance to work there I'd take it if no other opportunities present themselves.
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Do not recommend

Poor management … hard to be promoted unless you were a part of their university hire program.You are basically an employee of all your accounts… stocking shelves, cleaning up expired product, etc
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What is the best part of working at the company?They focus on sales not people. You will just be a number to them.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Managers from Calgary that do not know what they are doing. Fresh graduates that comexaround to build their resumes fir future jobsWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?No life. They will squeeze till the last cent they pay youWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?All driving and merchandising.
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Fun work place but low pay

As a sales rep you have flexible hours to go and complete your route for the day. The job is nice because you don't take work home with you and are on your own and run your own schedule. However, the pay is not great, especially in today's economy. It takes many years to get to lead route which is a bit more money.
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Terrible Corporate Structure and Succession Planning

Sales Reps are expected to do two jobs, being both a merchandiser and a sales rep. Only about 30% of the job is actual sales, which is more inventory management than actual selling. The physical toll on your body from dragging 1000lb pallets across a store is brutal, be prepared to see a chiropractor every second week. There is no flexibility in your days, including start or end times. The expectation is a 7am start every day, even though many stores and managers aren't open/in by that time. And while they'll tell you that if you have a long day, you can take a short day the next, this isn't true. You're heavily micro-managed and management doesn't actually support you. You can't dare speak an opposing opinion. And the succession planning and career growth is terrible. If you aren't prepared to move across the province/country, you won't be promoted. You'll instead watch less-qualified people get those jobs and struggle to succeed.

Points positifs

Work by yourself most of the time

Points négatifs

Just not a job I would recommend
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Professional work environment

Yes, although the working hours and effort are a bit difficult, but it is a satisfactory work style and the payments are very good. Already one of the largest companies in the world, a quality work environment.
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The worst place to work. Work you like a dog no work life balance

LARGE FORMAT SALES - expected to do the job of both sales rep + merchandiser (only paid for one job)- no work life balance (expected to work many unpaid hours)- no opportunities for advancement unless you are a campus hire- will lie to you in the interview process about the realities of job (requires university degree to make you work as if it’s a warehouse job)- management will lie and argue with you if you ever disagree with them on anything - expected to wear uniform but will only provide you one shirt for the first year you work here. (Doing laundry after working a 12hr day yay!)- one team event per year (company is so cheap) - almost impossible to get a sick day off (managers will beg you to work even if you are sick)- injuries are ignored by managers - sales managers will never help you will just ignore calls - general manager is one of the most arrogant people I have ever met

Points positifs

Occasional free product coupons

Points négatifs

Everything else
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You will be ruined at Frito- lays

Be careful and don't trust anyone in management. It's important to record all your conversations with them because they see you as disposable and will use you for as long as they can before forgetting about you. Your good performance will not help you advance in this company. Keep tabs on all the conversations you have with them in places where there is a trail. Don't believe everything your managers tell you, the bigger their smiles, the bigger the lie they are probably telling you. I have lost many years of my life working here. I strongly advise you not to make the same mistake I did and not to work here. They also won't give you a reference when you leave and you'll only find that out when you are already leaving. People leave this company every month so expect to see many job postings.

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Not a place to work anymore.

When you first start you will be under the impression that good work ethics will be rewarded with better pay/positions. Lots of high ups will show up to tell you they all started at the bottom. 1-2 years into the job and you will realize the managers are not much of leaders or good managers and only seem to care about their pay end of year based on how YOU perform. I avg over 110-120% on sales plan weekly and nothing came out of it for me in any way. People who avg lower % were given better positions with better pay in management. It seems the better you work the more likely the managers will keep you in the same position as it directly rewards them with a year end bonuses. They used to give the rep % of sales now you work for a very low salary 55k< while over working and listening to a manager who is glued to his screen and only sees and hears numbers. I don't feel like I matter anymore; I am just another person at the company who is burnt out and will move on and will be replaced by the next person. So I guess don't overwork yourself because if you do only your manager will get rewarded. Find a different place to work especially if you are someone who has good work ethics and care about performing better. Frito-lays is not worth working for.
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Fine place to work

I was able to run my route the way I wanted with little interference from management but it can be a bit stressful at times dealing with the same customers who put up the same roadblocks over and over again.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

lots of driving
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Very Good Company to work for

Very Nice environment to work with , benefits are very good and the management is supportive. I work in the field i have different store to visit sell and merchandise and try to execute our products is as much display as i can
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Fast paced work environment, folks with a work ethic will really shine here

I have learned a ton of practical skills in the retail food business during my time at Pepsi Beverages. Hard work and going the extra mile are rewarded with the occasional prize for hitting sales metrics. If you possess a strong work ethic and good people skills this role would be a good fit for you. Branded clothes and other swag are given to you several times a year. When new products come out you can usually expect a sample. Like any job there are of course a few drawbacks. Although we are 40 hour a week salaried employees, we can often work upwards of 50 hours a week. Especially if you are covering an out of town sales route. There is no cheating the drive time it takes to cover some of these rural areas in Alberta. Advancement can be tough for those who aren’t willing to relocate as well. If you are a person who doesn’t mind moving to a different city or province to advance their career then the sky is the limit at Pepsi. There are also the obvious advantages of working for a big place like this such as a pension, benefits, RRSP match, job security, and competitive pay. Just come ready to work hard and have the occasional long day.

Points positifs

Pay, benefits, job security

Points négatifs

Long hours, advancement tough for those unwilling to relocate
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Hard work with fair pay

Days can be long but the work feels meaningful. The worst part is the physical labour but once you get used to it, it's not so bad. It's fun to build displays and make your customers happy.

Points positifs

Good managers

Points négatifs

solo work, long hours, physical
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Long hours no OT

Company has a high turn over rate for salesReps. Constantly looking for new reps. Pay would be good if it was an actual 40 hour work week. Lots of overtime work and you never get paid overtime. You are really a glorified merchandiser that is salaried with out overtime compensation. If your not a Campus high don’t bother. If your a Campus hire you will get a bunch of promotions quickly even if your not ready. It looks good on a resume so take a few promotions and run.

Points positifs

Decent pay and good benefits

Points négatifs

Long hours no work life balance.
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The worst job and company ever i work

It's a very lonely job. Managers are new graduates and they have not any experience. My company phone and email account was given 5 months after I started working. Nobody in the company knows anyone. Employee turn over is very high. Nobody work as a Sales Rep. in Pepsico, We are working like a grocery clerk. In my opinion, they have to change the title of this job to Grocery Clerk.

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Points négatifs

poor management, long working hour
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Not a positive work environment

Workplace moral at an all time low, management incapable of leading a team. Company hires employees seemingly strictly by the applicants university degree rather than qualifications.
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A great place to work

Fast paced but collaborative. I leaned a great deal about the ordering process and management of inventory at grocery chains. Hardest part of the job was the early mornings but worth if for the freedom.
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Pig pen

There's lot of money in the trough but it tasted like it. Managers are as mindless as their consumers craving their precious diet pepsi and energy drink.
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Poor management and working conditions

A revolving door of managers who have little experience actually managing people and or knowledge of business. 5 managers in 6 years. Terribly un-organized Fleet always broken down and putting workers at risk. No heat in the warehouse while working.
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PepsicCo: a great start for a sales professional

Pepsico is a great place to kick off a sales career. A GEO sales role like I was in required a lot of merchandising in both small and large format accounts. The merchandising requirement (and minimum 55 hour work week) make PepsiCo a tough place to stay long-term. Injuries are common. Many use this role as a stepping stone, which is a shame as there's real potential for a great permanent position in these roles.
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Sales Representative chez PepsiCo

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