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Order Picker17 avis
Canada17 avis

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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Its a warehouse job.

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They pay well, its hard physical work and the hours are kinda bad being 5-1:30 in the morning and its all seniority so you are going to be laid off but overall its a pretty fun job and if those three things don't bother you and you stay with it then you can find a lifelong career here.

Points positifs

Great pay, Benefits

Points négatifs

Awkward shift, hard work, lay offs
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Management are rude and self-centered narcissistic

I go through people like crazy because of the work conditions the HR are the rudest I've seen in the business I would not recommend working here as you won't be there long guarantee it. I noticed they can't keep people for over a year the same positions, that's what happens when your management is useless.
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Pay is good but management is worse. Management never listen to the employees who work underneath.

Instead of firing workers, if higher authorities fire manger it can help in improving a lot to company . No one listens to bottom line workers ….management just keep focusing on looking a tiny reason so that they can give you a warning notice which help them to fire you easily

Points positifs

Free outdated chips and salsa for

Points négatifs

Forceful overtime, if we say no then they treat you like a criminal.
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Management not good.

Giving you hard rework after that kick you off .Poor management. company like lazy people. First they hiring people before finish probation period they terminate people without any reason.
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Amazing place

Great place to work at. Good hours. Management is very helpful. Sometimes it is busy and some days it's not. You get your stickers and start grabbing orders and loading your truck.
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Do NOT work here. People are let go constantly. They don’t care about anyone.

This place suck$. Do not work here. They fire constantly. Santa one of the bosses is the biggest bit&h I ever met. It’s union and they only get one break. Beware of this place

Points positifs

If you leave it’s ok

Points négatifs

Do not enter place.
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Fast Paced

Very fast-paced and required to hot your pick targets. You learn how to manage your time successfully as you start out with not much responsibility but later on more responsibility is given to the new recruits.
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Excellent Business

Amazing Company. Treats everyone with respect and the wage is fantastic. Management style is effective, Safe work Environment, Generous Incentives, Amazing benefits.
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long and boring

If you like to do repetitive laps this is for you. light lifting but around and around is monotonous. They hire on contract so employment security is lacking.
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Great people

Great place and great coworkers. Work usually 37 hours or more. Monday to Friday and maybe a weekend. Employees always there tohelp each other for work or personnal issues. Great Team
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Compassionate Management

I personally enjoyed the tasks included with this industry. It's good hard work. Everybody does the best they can but sometimes there's just more work than available hands and management does their best to understand that which I really appreciated.
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Good evironment but hard work.

Overall a pretty good place to work. Employees are good, music is allowed, the pay is pretty good, but it's very fast paced with high standards. Your productivity rate is monitored and you are expected to meet difficult standards. Hours are pretty flexible. Management is good.

Points positifs

Lunch is whenever you want.

Points négatifs

Hot during summer, cold during winter.
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No advancement

The is no chance of advancement. The work environment is hard and glum. None full time employees are treated like slaves and disrespected and over worked. Paid little but expected to work miracles.
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Very labour intensive workplace.

Small warehouse with minimum space you need to maximize your work areas to do your job properly. Equipment was pretty old and could definitely use a overhaul.

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Points négatifs

Summer heat in warehouse.
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productive, exciting, upbeat

punch in, grab random headset and battery, pick cases and build pallet orders all day. Management was fantastic very supportive and motivational, co-workers were amazing they knew when to have fun and when to work hard, hardest part of the job was probably the long hours, very persistent days of 12 hour shifts. the most enjoyable part of the job is being around the people that make your job more easy.

Points positifs

lots of breaks

Points négatifs

long hours
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Productive and fan work place

nice place to work. clean and nice I learn to work with responsability
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Fast pace working environment

Working at Pepsi, has been a tremendous experience learning to work in a fast pace environment, where you are required to reach certain numerical goals has taught me a lot and allowed me to develop many transferable skills. Management team is great allowing you to work freely as long as your responsible and you are making the quota.

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