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Toronto, ON35 avis

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You have alot of freedom but going to store to store and dealling with the stores management gets tedious. You get paid weekly which is good other than that not a bad job.
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low level HR department

They book phone interview and completely miss the appointment without any acknowledgment, email or anything ... It's funny how the HR's are always complaining that they are always getting ghosted.
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Rude management

Rude management. Poor work life in this company. If you ask for a sick leave in prior time still they cancel your upcoming shifts. Zero trust on their employees. Working hours are less if you are looking for a part time weekend job. The customer service coordinator of GTA area is worst.
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Great company to work for

Interview process was over zoom and really personable. Lots of opportunity to grow with the company. I would recommend applying for a position with Pepsi.
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nice workplace and people are nice. Great culturem good benefits. Loyalty. Company events. Diverse environment and open neywork communonication. Stressful sometimes
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Went downhill very rapidly

Pepsi had great people to work with but started treating people like dirt around 2012. It just kept getting worse, and instead of fixing problems they would do massive re-orgs every year. Basically management just kept trying to hide its failures and laying people off and then started outsourcing everything. You could work yourself to death and the only recognition you'd get was from your own team members. If you want a promotion you have to stay in everyone's face to get it because favouritism and cronyism is the way they work.

Points positifs

Pay was decent

Points négatifs

Upper management plays favourites.
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Not worth your time really

Hi I was a delivery driver Toronto I would say, won’t get into full time position for everManagement was goodDrive chips to location hand balm on skids and receivers take advantage and you move chips to where they want them. Didn’t appreciate doing their job!You must pick up all the cardboard all day and it becomes a job in itself... then at the end of the day you need to bundle all the cardboard and they have to be all colour coordinated..Wasn’t my best job experience

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Never get in their union
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The worst job and company ever i work

It's a very lonely job. Managers are new graduates and they have not any experience. My company phone and email account was given 5 months after I started working. Nobody in the company knows anyone. Employee turn over is very high. Nobody work as a Sales Rep. in Pepsico, We are working like a grocery clerk. In my opinion, they have to change the title of this job to Grocery Clerk.

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poor management, long working hour
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Efficient Time Management Skills needed

Service each account specified in timesheet each day in a timely manner Confirm service and delivery schedule with PepsiCo coordinators and drivers, as well as communicating with store managers about store information, key contacts and sign-in policy. >Organizing secondary locations such as racks and displays to match with planograms & traffic flow. >Practice efficient time management skill to service accounts efficiently within established time periods.
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Great Leadership , amazing team atmosphere

PepsiCo was a great experience that lead by world class leaders. PepsiCo understands and invests in their Teams to ensure they are set up for not only short term but long term as well.
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Employees are amazing. Management sucks

The employees are great. Excellent team to work with and super supportive. They are skilled and know their job extremely well. If you put in the effort to understand their strengths and weaknesses you'll get great results. Management sucks. Politics, bias' and other things get in the way of everyday work.
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Working at Pepsico was excellent. It provides a great platform to show your management skills.

My experience as an Pepsico employee was best. I really enjoyed employee - supervisor relation there. Frequent meetings and interaction with other employees really helped me alot to flourish myself.
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It was a nice place to work with good colleges and supervisors

i was the sales representative of Pepsico with different stores in charge of selling and taking care of the merchandise. it is important to have a positive aptitude when you work for them.
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Great place to learn

Pepsico is a great place to learn and expand within your field. Lots of opportunities to move around within your discipline or even cross disciplines.
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Abusive management

Top performance ratings do not deserve taunts and abusive behavior HR not helpful but contributory to bad behavior Inappropriate comments from managers, that create a stressful environment Many complaints by several employees ignored by HR w.r.t to managers -- HR only concerned with head count - best not to complain
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its good jobs and you are your Owen boss

working to much with your body ( felting / bending / pushing ) merchandise 5 to 7 stores at least dealing with emails with supervisor waiting for delivery to work the load when they land to each store
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Good place to work

very good people A typical day at work sometimes is easy but sometimes can be stressful that depends. Their culture is very inclusive, the hardest part of my job is that I have to keep me moving from one place o another one.

Points positifs

good pay

Points négatifs

stressful job
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Poor Work Life Balance

Drive around and deal with unhappy customers, then hear from unhappy managers from Pepsi, doesn't pay overtime. Only positives are good benefits and salary.
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Great co-workers and flexible schedule

A lot of working by yourself which was nice short term. Flexible hours. Great communication between employees and managers. Organization could be improved.

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Great place to start and grow your career

PepsiCo is a great organization to grow your career coming out of school. It provides cross functional and cross divisional experiences to enhance your skills. The culture of the organization makes it a fun place to work and make long lasting relationships.

Points positifs

Great opportunity to grow your career

Points négatifs

Work life balance in the field is difficult
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Great place

Great place to work. Good pay and incentives for staff showing good work performance. Plant ran well and could depend on management to give us what we needed to be successful.
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