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Mississauga, ON111 avis

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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great work life balance

Overall, Pepsi Co was a great employer, work life balance is something that is emphasized in the work environment. The only problem i had was with upper management, quite frankly i would constantly get rude snarky remarks. But that's just my experience with my department.

Points positifs

Work life balance

Points négatifs

Can get hectic
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Honest Forklift operator review

You are not a forklift operator, you are a order picker. You build seniority but ppl been there forever. One 30 min break for 10 hour shift. Pressure overtime on employee everyday. You have to pick pallets to certain standard which is 90 but there’s people that never done your job that tell you how to do your job. This company only cares about products only going out the door. You are in a union that doesn’t help you. Apply at your own risk. I wish you luck. You are better than people with degrees that never done work in there lives telling you how to do your job. Good luck
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Selective advancement

Advancement in this company is for people who want to try out all aspects of Food Manufacturing. It is limited for Subject matter expert’s as the only advancement is if you are willing to relocate every 3 to 5 years. They hire from outside but value expertise within so integrating in challenging.
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Physically demanding but good pay and benefits

It's a good company to work for as a picker, but it's very physically demanding you have to lift heavy case non stop for a 10 hour shift and they only give us a 30 min break over the 10 hour shift. The pay is quite good for a wearhouse and so are the benefits, but the supervisors are quite poor at their leadership skills and will penalize you for doing your job.
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Good place to work

Pepsico invests in their employees. If you work hard and are imbitous your managers will help you get to where you wantto go. Pay and benefits are both above average.
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I was there as a seasonal employee. During my time there as a seasonal employee the management team as well as my line mates were VERY supportive. I definitely would come back if the opportunity ever did present itself.
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somewhat annoying

You grab a forklift or a walkie to do your assigned tasks at the start of the shift. You use a voice headset so everything you do is timed all the time. Management watches your performance based on the time of your actions using the headset, so you better not spend too long in the washroom or having a chat. Your only break time begins from where you stop working, and you lose part of your break time travelling to where you're allowed to eat so you only have time to eat and then go back right away. Management also tends to walk around a lot and have pointless conversations with you reminding you simple tasks of your job that you may already know or be doing. They will also question you based on the time of your actions on the headset usage if it is not adequate or similar to other employees. Management puts a lot of pressure on employees to work overtime also, which is fundamentally unhealthy. Ridiculously difficult to get any time off, even one day, even unpaid.

Points positifs

Free gatorade, free slushie machine, free soda fountain

Points négatifs

trash shift availability due to union, annoying management
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Great place to work

working for Pepsi is great because I am able to work as a team or independently, well I have learnt to be kind friendly and courteous to our clients, some times I might have some difficulties when I make my delivery and to drive back in the city.
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Very challenging, lots of learning and freedom to grow

It was a great experience. There’s lots of room to grow, managers are awesome. It is very fast paced and very competitive. You need to stand out but i loved the challenges that it brought day to day.

Points positifs

Growth, challenges, experience

Points négatifs

Work and life balance, very competitive
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Do NOT work here. People are let go constantly. They don’t care about anyone.

This place suck$. Do not work here. They fire constantly. Santa one of the bosses is the biggest bit&h I ever met. It’s union and they only get one break. Beware of this place

Points positifs

If you leave it’s ok

Points négatifs

Do not enter place.
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Pepsico is family

This is the best place I have worked. I left the job just because I completed a graduate degree in software engineering. I loved working there and would love to go back at some point in the future

Points positifs


Points négatifs

long drives within the GTA can be exhaustive
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Literally the ONLY good thing is the money.

Toxic culture, with toxic management team. Frontline employees are worked until they break, and then questioned why they can't hit standards. Warehouse is not air conditioned and working in this environment temperatures reach over 45 degrees, not to mention the forklift and production fumes. Overall bad environment to work.
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Fast Paced

Unionized environment fast paced work good payout if compared to other places. good chances to grow in pepsi co if you got a full time role learning on there eportal

Points positifs

Free Gatorade
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Management really cares about workers

Management focus on making sure the workers are happy first then they focus on making customers happy. usually, the management are always available to help the employees when they need help such as support
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Fast Paced

Very fast-paced and required to hot your pick targets. You learn how to manage your time successfully as you start out with not much responsibility but later on more responsibility is given to the new recruits.
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Relaxed environment

PepsiCo has variety of old technology and systems to maintain. Limited growth opportunities as most of the decisions are drive from corporate HQ in US.
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Decent place to work, but shifts are awkward times

Good place to work, nice people, decent management. Fairly high-tech. Shift times are awkward though. As a production manager you have to be there at about 5:30am, finish at 3:30pm. Sometimes you get 4 days a week though, which is nice. Overnights are lonely but some people really like them.

Points positifs

Free fountain drinks

Points négatifs

Long hours
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PepsiCo is just the best

I wish I was still there working my way to sales, you know places because you travel a lot as a merchandiser. Its a family company, your superior shows there appreciation

Points positifs

Flexible hours
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good work space

minimal job security decent hours and wages satisfactory downline communications opportunities to grow limited to confinements of existing work section
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Extremely fast paced during rush and little to no tasks during down time.

I learned much about managing tasks during my time as you may spend a typical day with jobs to complete throughout the first 3 hours and then may be without work until another truck comes later on in the night. Not a bad problem to face, but organizing tasks and housekeeping duties can save a lot of time in which there isn't much to do.
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