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solid job

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jobs good. training is a bit brief and breaks are short but outside of that you catch on quick management is nice, and once you get past your first week or two it’s great.
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Very High Pace

Very high paced company. They talk about work, home life balance, but that is not possible if you want to advance. No overtime for management/supervisor positions but you are expected to be on call all hours of the day including weekends. They use WhatsApp to keep in touch with you and expect you to answer their emails/calls/texts even when you are on vacation. Expect to work in excess of 60 hours per week on your normal 40 hour salary if you want any chance of advancement. Supervisors normally don't last more than a year before leaving or getting fired. About 10% move up the proverbial ladder. Good luck if you take this job, you're going to need it.
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Management is not great in warehouse

Management was constantly changing and was a complete mess. No one seemed to know what they were doing but pretended like they did which just lead to more issues and blaming workers for there lack of knowledge. I have several friends in manufacturing and they say the management team is fantastic so it really depends what job you are doing.
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Toxic environment

Communication from management consists of putting up a poster or sign on the wall and expecting you read it in passing. HR in a multi day process to get some one to reply. Supervisors are a revolving door of kids right out of university with zero people skills. Very much a do as I say not as I do type place to work.
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Hard work never appreciated

If you do a good job you will simply be rewarded by having to clean up after other people. They call it a “team” but I’m pretty sure everyone on a team is supposed to pull their own weight and whoever isn’t should be held accountable? Doesn’t happen here. Scheduling usually hardly makes sense, you get sent nearly an hour away from your home multiple times a week meanwhile the gas/mileage rebate they give you is abysmally low. Most people in grocery stores are miserable and unhappy to see you 90% of the time, which makes the day very dreadful. Met some decent people. Pay/benefits are decent. They give you a work phone but personally I got an iPhone 7 that barely works so it will really just add more frustration to your day. I could go on but long story short, if you currently enjoy your life, do not apply here.
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It is what you make it

They try really hard to please their employees but they don't actually listen to them. The jobs are okay and the pay is good but it's only as good as you put into it. They are surprisingly not very advanced for such a large company.
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Overall not bad, but can be stressful

Unionized so you start at the bottom which usually means straight night shifts Monday-Friday. You also start out $2/hr less than starting until your probation is over (300 hours if I remember correctly) then it’s $1/hr less than starting until you’ve completed your first year.Maintenance crew on night shift is very friendly and helpful (when they show up, very big attendance issue). In maintenance, you are provided with a tool chest but have to supply your own tools. It took them 4 months until they provided me with the tool chest and also it took 6 months before they provided me with uniforms/coveralls, hopefully it’ll be faster for you.Store room is poorly stocked and managed. Lots of times where a part you need isn’t there. How it’s organized also makes little sense so it can be a chore trying to find a specific part. The planners are relatively inexperienced so there are a few situations where a job is poorly planned (sometimes between changeovers when you only have a short window to complete it) and it leads to more downtime.Maintenance Supervisors (“Resources”) can vary. I’ve had a couple that had zero maintenance experience so working under them can be challenging. On the other hand, I’ve had a couple that were great to work with. They don’t seem to stick around too long though, they either quit or they’re let go entirely. What the criteria is for hiring the supervisors remains a mystery to me, I never figured it out.Single-handedly, the worst place I have ever worked at when it comes to communication. Jobs are passed off between shifts with almost no direction - 

Points positifs

Discounted chips, fair pay

Points négatifs

Attendance issues, poor management, poor communication
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Horrible place to work

I liked it at first, it isn't a very hard job, but the nights were long. I worked Saturday-Monday 7pm to 7am. Sometimes you'd start out your shift with absolutely no work, you'd be standing around for an hour or two doing nothing. Usually you'd run our of work between 2:30am-3:30am. You'd clean and audit your area and you'd be free to go home, if you wanted to lose pay. You'd be so bored though you'd give in and leave because there was no work. After a few months there though you start to see how bad management is. They sit in their little command area and do nothing. You'd run out of the most popular chips and you'd have to suspend boxes until you'd get product. It was an all night, every night thing. You'd get PSL angry at you because you'd have a boatload of suspended boxes and trucks wouldn't be able to leave because they don't have all the product . If management didn't like you, they place you places they knew you didn't like much. My coworkers were great though. God forbid you miss a shift or two though for family emergencies. You'll end up fired a few weeks before your 6 months. This is your warning to not work at Frito-Lay/PepisCo
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Great co-workers, fast paced

Warehouse fast paced and timed, conveyor belts to trailers kept jamming up, great co-workers. Training for fork-lifts. Management helpful and easy to talk with. Discount on product once a week. Loading trailers good work out , cold in winter hot in summer.

Points positifs

Cheap chips

Points négatifs

Breakdowns on belts
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Run, they’ll work you like a dog. Management changes constantly, pay is horrible and must work weekends. Can’t book any vacation during the summer or in December at all.

Points positifs

Cheap chips

Points négatifs

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Good management, decent job and pay

I liked working there, the job was physical but not over the top, management was nice, co-workers were easy to get along with, the pay was a livable wage

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Hot in summer
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Great place to work and free chips. Everyone is so nice and helpful. And did I mention the free chips. Great pay with lot of opportunities. Highly recommend working here.
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Good place to start your career

Lack of training for the role with no work-life balance. Management frequently changes, which makes the culture unpredictable. Hires a lot of new graduates and so is a good option for someone who wants to join a fortune 500 company straight out of school.

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Safe and healthy workplace

Possesses excellent safety structure and management, EHS team is friendly and collaborative. Pleasant and happy Frontline workers. Great learning opportunities for EHS newgrads.
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Good wage. Stable job. Management not good. Job culture needs improvement.

They start with $19.04 per hour for new hires which is good for a warehouse. They stick the newbies in the worst departments. Either night shift or repack. Repack has one of the most toxic management and certain workers who feel entitled. Job turnover is pretty high. Physical and demanding work. Sometimes boring just standing and folding cardboard. Benefits after 740 hours work and no advancement until you're one year in. Good for short term income and good for long haul if you want to be part of union and have seniority.

Points positifs

Free chips. Discount chips

Points négatifs

Physically demanding. Very social environment.
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Fast paced and timed

Fast paced environment and timed for everything which can be stressful and dangerous when you're driving machinery or just operating a machine. Management is also lacking and the amount of waste that is produced is horrible.
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Stressful work culture

Very stressful job and physically tiring, repetitive work, long nights but the only nice thing about the job is the pay if you looking to make some money the jobs for you otherwise look for something else trust me you will not regret it
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Clean, but tough job

Proper training but hard to keep up with quotas. Breaks are only 10 mins and lunch is 20. So constantly on your feet and very physically demanding. Most jobs require a lot of repetitive work. You should be prepared to work hard for 12 hours or 8 hours with overtime. Co workers I met were nice people.
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same work all night long no choice for me to have morning shift either. Everyone buddy was nice to you and would help you out if you needed it, Breaks were kinda short and didn't seem like you had much time to eat your lunch.
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Nice work place. Lots to learn

Good pay and good management . 12 hours shifts. Work life balance is good. Overall experience is good.lots to learn too. I recommend this place as a good place to stay on till retirement
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It’s okay, for temporary work.

No rotation between your department. Consistently doing the same tasks, same work, in the same station every shift.- but promised rotation daily. .. Some team leaders are very rude, very unapproachable.

Points positifs

Pay, weekly pay

Points négatifs

No rotation, unapproachable management
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