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Calgary, AB54 avis

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3,4Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Easy going staff

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some days would be 4 hours of work, others would be 12 hours or more.The work environment is usually good, except some of the store managers can be bossy

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A back breaker job with poor management

I worked here for years. The merch department is physical work and demanding. If you do happen to get hurt, you will be damaged goods. Management turn over is huge and merchandisers are the bottom of the food chain here. You’re a mule basically as a merch. Sales reps targets are insane and that becomes more work for merch. Years with this company, wish I avoided it all together. I’d say look else where, especially if you want to keep your body and back in one piece. You’re 100% a number here. They do have a union but in my case….that did not really change anything. They’re better jobs and companies, that’s for sure!!!
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PepsiCo Foods Calgary

Hard working team, nice managers that are always helpful and are caring. Not every company is perfect, but the people and products are great. Difficult to work in retail stores as you are a vendor. So have to stay positive.

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Benefits, great people

Points négatifs

Long hours, work life balance
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management terrible, no raises in 2 years. had to fight for benefits. looked down on by other employees.

Don't waste your time find a real job. if you have to work there look elsewhere until you find real job.put you part time even though full time hours to avoid paying benefits

Points positifs

work at your own pace

Points négatifs

management is terrible, job itself sucked, co workers look down on you, No appreciation for job done
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Fast Paced

Fun, hardworking environment. Plenty of opportunities for advancement Great staff and Management Great valuesVolunteer experiences Great community involvement

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Great Pay

Points négatifs

Heavy Lifting
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Typical Big American Company

If you want to be a number, work hereIf you want to be told by someone how to do your job who's never in their life attempted to do your job, then is place is for youIf you want to work in a unionized environment where the union bows down to management and has absolutely no backbone, then this is your dream jobIf you want to work 14 hours a day, have your days off moved around to benefit them, this is a great place for that If you want a good job that cares about you, then go somewhere else.Toxic
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Avoid at all costs

This place is a dogs breakfast, they run you into the ground. They provide little to no training. There is no career mapping and leadership is very hands off. You are not valued at all and not supported. Managers just care about CDA and score cards. People are promoted faster if they went through the sales leadership program. Women will receive jobs within 1/3 of the time as men and not have to go through the same levels of the business. This employer willingly let staff go to stores with positive Covid-19 cases if there was (no direct contact) with that case or department. They just care about volume and that's it. If you want a life outside of work do not work for this company...

Points positifs

flexible start time

Points négatifs

long hours, no support
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Great people to work with but very lean. Fast-paced environment, always changing. Very reactive, not so proactive. Good opportunities if you like the industry.
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Overall Good Place to Work

Management is not so great but the pay is great. Work is super heavy and start time is very early. Enjoy my team mates. Hardest part of the job is the heavy lifting.
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Solid Employer

Money is good. Benefits great. Tough job at times although worth it. Stay healthy. They take care of you in many different ways, some perks which is always welcome.
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Tough Job

The job is physically demanding with poor management support. Routes are arbitrary. Communication between co-workers is poor. Sometimes, the mess of the weekday shift Friday night is unaccounted for and impacts the weekend shift. Must work all weekends and holidays. This can take a toll on your body. If you take this job, make sure to always photograph your finished shelves and fixed pallets. The only upside is that the pay is decent.

Points positifs

Decent pay with kilometer compensation.

Points négatifs

Long hours, heavy workload, poor management
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Only Care about Profit.Run away from this company.

Worst company to work for. Zero Communication, poor pay especially when given extra work/tasks to do daily, which is every day. Management if out of touch of what a human is able to do in a day and too afraid of upper management to say NO. This company doesn't want to hear suggestions of how to improve. Their new system of Dynamic routing is an absolute and complete failure.Months and months of absolutely poor and disruptive deliveries, highlights that the company doesn't care about their customers. Management refused to listen to drivers concerns, even when management hold meetings. The new ordering system, precision ordering is a waste of time and energy. Management told staff to ignore the instructors that were briefed and to always modify the orders to bring in more product. The question is then why bring in an ordering system if staff is not able to utilize it in the manner it was designed for. If you bring any observations as constructive criticism you will be labelled as being difficult. They only way Pepsico continues to grow is they force product into stores thru auto allocations. Bringing in Sales Management team (CDMs)directly out of University with little life experiences and placing them in charge of growing multi million dollar accounts, stores managements connect and respond better to more mature staff, especially since the CDMs change over yearly. Run away from this company.
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Fastpaced Work Environment

A good steady place of employment. Shift work is required and it may take some time before you see a day shift. However, the wages and benefits are great. Clean working environment and indoors.
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Wouldn’t recommend working there.

There is a union, which is not worth the money you pay for it. Work goes by seniority so if you are a new hire you won’t get full hours. Guys that have been working there for a few years don’t get all their shifts. Delivery is the worst department. Job is not worth the pay for the work, terrible management. Only good thing is only working four days a week.
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Not relevant

I prefer not to discuss this. I do not think this is appropriate nor does it have anything to do with my current job search. I do not like to bad mouth any former employers.
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Very interesting and diverse workplace

PepsiCo is a very large company, so it was comforting to see how all of the staff and managers interacted with each other throughout the plant. Everyone worked hard and got their jobs done, and worked together to solve tasks and overcome obstacles.
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Fun environment to grow your career

Pepsi has been a great place to get my feet wet and learn best practice processes. It's a work environment where you are constantly challenged and also given a support system to overcome those challenges.
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long and boring

If you like to do repetitive laps this is for you. light lifting but around and around is monotonous. They hire on contract so employment security is lacking.
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I enjoyed my work at PepsiCo, and although the days were long and sometimes very hard, it was challenging and I didn't often get bored. They also pay very fairly.
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Coworker are great management is horrible

All about numbers and not afraid to use intimidation and lyes to achieve this. Their is no place for family life here it’s all work. They don’t even have Christmas party’s under a guise of being inclusive.

Points positifs

Good pay

Points négatifs

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Great group of people with a fun job with freedom

A lot of autonomy was provided along with coaching and mentoring through management. Was fun to work with friends and their referral program was very smart to growing team morale.

Points positifs

Free pop and chips sometimes

Points négatifs

long hours to get job done and not OT if on salary
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