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Si vous deviez quitter PepsiCo, quelle en serait la raison?

12 réponses

Management will shaft you every chance they get

Mey be wen they told to stop i will leave.

Racism and discrimination of new hire also if you are different nationality and your skin is different

Grow your sales only to have the roots restructured and later commission taken away. Constant down grade year after year

PepsiCo company working environment is nice that's reason

Too many restructuring, lack of job security

Health problem

They are determined to outsource as much as possible to 3rd parties in India to save money. When people leave they spread the workload out to remaining staff rather than fill the role. More work for less people, the office is half empty because they don't replace people.

Too many restructuring, lack of job security

Too many restructuring, lack of job security

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