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Comment décririez-vous lenvironnement de travail et la culture dans lentreprise?

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  • In Mississauga location very hot in the summer. No air conditioning in production area.

  • Good place to work for a living.

  • Seniority
    if you are new in company.You have to work hard more than senior driver

  • Fun and exciting environment. Smooth and professional thinker. It is a place to work at ease because of its leadership in trainings and in customer relations.

  • Working place environment has only work

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  • Not enough hours, promised every other weekend off and it was never delivered. Scheduled to work every weekend even though i was services supervisor.

  • Good compinen n good worker

  • Depends on your manager. The first manager I worked with was supportive and the team was great. I was covering a sick leave on contract and she gave me a good reference to another manager to cover a mat leave. The next manager was awful. Expected to learn everything in very little time. The accounts that I took over were a mess and the expectations were that I fixed everything immediately.

  • No nonsense management with huge expectations for performance.

  • Brutal business results all that matter

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  • Comment décririez-vous lenvironnement de travail et la culture dans lentreprise?