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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez People Store Staffing Solutions?

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The work environment is progressive and stimulating. Your are given direction when needed and freedom to try new things. I have felt valued, encouraged, appreciated and have had such a lot of fun. Times are set aside for all staff to be in an environment where we learn together and got to know each other better as we are spread out and just enjoy ourselves in a relaxed environment

There isn't any!

Working for people store as a recruiter was awful the territory manager needs to read the Employment Standards Act, she's also rude, unprofessional and none of her staff will stay because she sucks as a manager. I would never recommend anyone that is in the Human Resource field work here because you'll never use your skills.

Worst work environment ive ever been exposed to. Workers treated like animals, pay isnt livable. Very political.

I worked at their Scarborough location for a few months, and it was absolutely terrible. The people and the environment are toxic and hostile and just flat out AWFUL.

My boyfriend worked there for a while, missed two shifts because he was sick and they called him and fired him because they said he missed 6 shifts... When in reality, the other 4 shifts that he "missed" were actually shifts that People Store cancelled and told him not to come in for.

I would highly recommend NOT working here

Somewhat of a toxic environment. No one really works together unless they're told to. Some people are very hostile for whatever reason, even though we're just here to work. Cooperate and we'll get it done, but they'd rather stir up issues for their own entertainment/benefit.

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