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3.2Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Decent place

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I worked with amazing people, and it’s a really great place to work for the actual job itself. It can be dead some days and very busy and stressful other days. however the company does not care about their employees.
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Enjoyed my time here.

Typical day for an assistant manager, follow up with guests, reports and the team, customer service, customer concerns, orders and cleaning. Great support from not only the manager but upper management as well. I would definitely go back.

Points positifs

Discounts, supportive and fun environment

Points négatifs

Slow days sometimes
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I have fun with Pearle Vision

My daily work is to sell eyeglasses and contact lenses. I learned how to deal with customers and I learned how to solve problems. The hardest part is to help customers find eyeglasses that suit them. I enjoy working there because it is comfortable and happy.
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Optometric assistant

Learnt skills such as multitasking, organization, timemanagement, punctuality, and use of machines such as AR NCT, retinal, visual field, and etc. The environment was pleasant.
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Miserable Place with Unfair Management

I worked at Pearle Vision and I really enjoyed working there and learning the skills I learned. After a couple months there was a change in mood in the office. It seemed as if everything that I was taught was simply the wrong way to do everything. I tried to fix the things I did only to be greeted with more judgment. After leaving I contact upper management and let them know everything that had happened in the store, there was never any further changes made. I would never work at this location again.
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Loved it until management changed

New management is awful. Would not work there if someone paid me an obscene amount of money. I would save my time and apply somewhere else. You will honestly regret working there.
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Not a nice place to work.

Pearle Vision is owned by Luxottica and it is an awful company. You are just a cog in a wheel, there is zero autonomy everything is decided at a corporate level right down to the frames and accessories carried, how the store is set up including all promotional material displayed. Emphasis is on sell, sell, sell but with no incentive for employees really except a paltry percentage if goal is met. A lot of red tape to go through for anything including purchasing everyday supplies. Do not recommend this employer.

Points positifs

Great co-workers

Points négatifs

Low pay, too much corporate interference, just a cog in a wheel.
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fun atmosphere

love working with the customers, doctors and other staff, very fast paced, multi tasking essential on the job training difficult to get enough hours low wages

Points positifs

fun atmosphere

Points négatifs

shift work with low pay
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A great place to work if you're looking to problem solve (administration, and with customer's health in mind) and interact with a variety of people.

The most enjoyable part of the job was trying to truly find the best solution for individual customers. I take pride in offering a service and sitting down with people (many elderly people) and not sending them into gimmicks, but really trying to help. I felt good about my day when my shift was over. Sometimes there was pressure for me to move it along, but I did get and keep a lot of customers happy. Not every entry-level job allows you to really connect with people and enjoy interactions so this one was special. The commission structure was amazing. The hardest part of the job was handling complex cases with hostile customers. I am very patient and could usually diffuse these. I was often the one sent in to handle difficult customers. Management was disorganized and unable to handle employee's health issues sensitively or appropriately.
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Decent place to work

Depends on branch you work at. Pretty easy job with relatively good pay if you are a licensed optician. Commision based sales, but must reach a quota to obtain any sort of incentive, workplace can be slow at times which greatly effects this. Sometimes workplace culture can be difficult, as people may not see you as there equal.
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Great place with wonderful team

Busy with constant flow customers. Very relaxed medical setting type environment. The product was great and prices were good too. I felt confident selling the products because I believed in them. Management was decent and did what they were suppose to do. If any issues they would help you out. The team was a great group of people who supported each other. There is always a chance for continuing education and to grow within the organization.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Evening and weekends
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Long hours and little support

This optical giant is all about the almighty dollar. Consistently runs their stores short staffed causing customer dissatisfaction and employee stress. Little training is provided for new employees, along with below average wages for the amount of work required. This company does not support a healthy work/life balance and discourages outside interests, especially sport related activities. Product availability and customer service falls by the wayside and gets buried under mountains of red tape. Although helping people find the right optical products is satisfying, the inability to secure the best products for patients, and extreme short-staffing makes this company hard to love.

Points négatifs

Mall hours, little head office support, low wages
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Friendly enviroment

Co-workers are always very helpful and eager to teach. Most enjoyable part of the job is when the customers are happy about their purchase.
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Good for students, Good management team

- Dispensed frames/Pre-exam procedures (PD, pressures, etc.) - Office tasks including filing patient orders, word processing and coordinating appointments
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Staff recognized the talent & respected the way I did things even if it wasn't how they would do it.

The Pearle Vision store located in the Georgian Mall has an awesome staff where customer service still reigns! The values and work ethics of the staff was a good match for me. I was the only employee that was not an optician but everyone helped me, without hesitation, when I had questions to further understand the business. Management was respectful of others and she was strong in her position. The hardest part of the job was the computer system which was temperamental. The customers were great and I enjoyed servicing them. In my 25 years of retail experience, it was the best job I ever had.

Points positifs

Healthy mental work environment

Points négatifs

Not enough hours
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Never a dull moment.

An overall great place to work. Management very approachable.

Points positifs

beautiful eyewear for good price.

Points négatifs

mall hours.
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