Peace River Hydro Partners
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Si vous deviez quitter Peace River Hydro Partners, quelle en serait la raison?

9 réponses

1st year female haul truck operators, making more $, than 8 year certified operator,, because she dating a supervisor,,,,bye bye
seeing 40 tonne wiggle wagons cornering on two wheel,,, and supervisor laughs...???

Bad management and favoritism. Hire friends and promote them over the people that have the skills and experience.

Toxic management

To work for a company that treats their employees more fairly.

Too many people kissing butt to people that have little authority just to keep their jobs.

Terrible management mostly inexperienced. a director spends most afternoons golfing taking the company truck during company time. and its well known he will admit it proudly.

Very bad management constantly threatened

Better management

A job close to home without the drama

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