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PAY2DAY is a different kind of payday loan lender founded on the simple principle of "the customer comes first". We understand the need for an occasional short-term payday loan and do our best to make it as easy as possible to acquire. When customers come to PAY2DAY for their payday loan it really is like money in the bank. The process is so quick and – plus... easy that we bet they have spent just as much time using the bank machine as they would getting an advance with us. We never ask why the money is needed and when it comes to paying it back, we offer several easy repayment options.

PAY2DAY started in 2006 offering small loans through virtual internet lending, providing a fast, friendly and convenient way of securing an advance without leaving your home or office. The need for our services grew and, in 2008, we opened our first location to serve our customers in person.

PAY2DAY continues to offer competitive rates and has added many new products and services such as cheque cashing, Western Union wire transfers, foreign currency exchange, money orders, and prepaid credit cards.
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