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Great bunch of people

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Relaxed work environment. Winter time is slow but summer is a pretty busy time. We are a flat roofing supply company. It’s a lot of moving from building to building to get materials, so it’s very cold in the winter.
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Good and Bad

Safety was not a priority, nether was pay. Job can be super easy at times, really hard at other times. Employees were not a concern to the employer just get the job done type of attitude.
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Laid back

Good co-workers laid back for the most part. Load roofs deliver material work in the yard cleaning organizing sweeping etc. management no complaints overall not a bad place to work
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A bankrupt manager and a staff that doesnt stick around

Very happy to not work here anymore.Management is non existant and he expects all employees to listen but not speak.Danger isnt an issue as he will force your hand.The work life is so stressful and payless that nobody sticks around. Management will eventually run the company into the ground.The job is 9 months of counting brick, stacking flagstone, carrying/delivering drywall and shoveling sand or gravel.With the other 3 months sweeping the warehouse, shoveling snow, checking inventory counts and cleaning the store.Dont waste your time, respect yourself

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Pizza Parties, Learnt to drive frontend loader

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Disrespectful Management, Low Pay, Your safety doesnt matter
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They don't care about their employees

They don't care about their employees, they underpay , and are only concerned with lining their own pockets and keep the workers starving for a better pay and time off

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No pros

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Avoid at all costs

Only worked there as a stopgap job while I was laid off my current job. Management is clueless and work you to the bone with no regard for safety or home life. Most toxic environment I have ever been in. Was told that we work 7-330, but always had to work late so the traffic manager can brag to his boss how many deliveries went out that day and then he will send you home early some days to avoid paying overtime. Neither supervisor is qualified to drive or operate the trucks, booms or forklift, but still tell you how to do the job. The crew itself are great guys who were fun to work with, but it was a revolving door of workers coming and going.

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Points négatifs

Inept management
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always busy and on the go

overall the job itself is good, pay is fair/more than fair. some customers can sometimes be a hassle but most are good and reasonable. lots of hours are available if you want them.
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Productive & fun work place

Work isn't too hard once you know the job / Yard / products. But the balance between work & fun is really good. An awesome crew to work with! Somedays can be more stressful then others, but that's everywhere. Never a dull moment, always something to do.
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Good guys but hard work

Good job if you don't mind working hard. Drywall will suck but keeps you fit. At least they don't push you too hard. Management is good and everyone has their role to fulfil.
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Low pay, bad equipment, management is clueless, work hours are inconsistent, disorganized, very high turnover, toxic environment and staff

Terrible place to work, management doesn't have a clue what goes on in the field, in the trucks or in the yard. Kids working in the warehouse wasting and breaking product on a regular basis and nothing is done about it, employees working in showroom spend their days talking trash about other employees and customers, one employee in particular is so bad that most contractors won't deal with this person, not supplied with right equipment and supplies to do your job properly to the point that they don't even have bungees to properly tarp a load. You are expected to supply your own supplies like gloves(or buy them from management) Equipment is in terrible shape because knowone does proper maintenance on any of it because none of them know how. Highest turnover in employees I have ever seen at any company. Did I mention management is unprofessional and completely clueless as to what happens around the yard, trucks, and job sites

Points positifs

No supervision, coffee and donuts on occasion

Points négatifs

Inconsistent hours, terrible management, junk equipment, low pay, etc., etc.
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Great people hectic at times

Found more money in town only down fall is shift work as this is straight daysClose to home and fun most timesWorking both outdoors and in so this time of year can be brutalAlso dirty environment from running diesel fork lifts for all loading and unloading
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No future

Work check to check. No chance for advancement. Wages don't keep up with cost of living. Can be busy one day and the next day you have no work. Yes sweep floors. No appreciation for always being dependable and on time. I've always remained honest with them and they have broken my trust in them.
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Great Staff + Opportunity for Growth.

There's a reason that the turnover rate is so low at our Guelph Branch. Of the 28 current employees, 15 have 20+ yrs .at the company, 18 have 15+ yrs. If you show the desire and the ability to work hard and well with others there are always opportunities to grow within the company. Several have started at entry level positions and have worked their way into various departments. Forklift Operators, Truck Drivers, Sales Team, Management positions even into Head Office. Other things to consider: * Group Retirement Savings Plans * Benefits
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Stay clear ! Better companies out there to work for!

Toxic environment. Very poor management and owners don't care about employees. Pay is under industry standards and there is no job advancement unless your family. Nepotism runs ramped. This company has a bad name in industry. Hard to sell to customer when company dosen't care and industry people know it. Any contractor even bad reputation ones can get credit and not pay it's a joke! Equipment is poor and old: the good people leave for a reason. Do yourself a favour find a company y that cares about hard working g employees. They wont last much longer.
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It is a job

Its a job that can have its issues, my only issue was helpers who refuse to use the ppe when required. Nothing like being responsible for someones life who refuses to use a properly anchored harness on the roof.
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Dead end Job

There's. Reason this place is ALWAYS Hiring. It's back breaking work.. and You're going no where fast.. The office guys aren't giving up their seat anytime soon . So it's Lift drywall with new people till they hurt you ... Or till you throw your back out.. and it's the end of the road for you! No room for advancement... driver or helpers are the most DEAD END JOBS there are to be had. Most guys are nice.. but do something with your life... Don't work here.. make something of yourself .. this is for kids or people hard up for money going no where .

Points positifs

Decent co-workers

Points négatifs

Last minute decisions, back breaking... Dead end
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Dont work here

Dont ever work here. Terrible job. Terrible work. Bad pay. Long hours. You are neither respected nor valued as an employee, and as a result the turnover is huge.
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Toxic and unappreciative enviroment

TOXIC and UNAPPRECIATIVE enviroment. Refuse to do something you think is unsafe , and look out for the hassles and pressure to do it anyway. Managment didn't have clue on what goes on at jobsites to get the deliveries done if possible.

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Points négatifs

everything about the place
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Biggest mistake

If you are looking for a place to feel rewarded or to fit in don't think it's here. This place has zero going for it and will not bring you any reward. In fact the company name alone should be a detourant . How many times have you seen their trucks on sites? Look around and study the company. Managers or charge hands play the games that nobody should play. These reviews shouldn't be taken with a grain of salt.. they should be considered strongly and taken into account before applying or accepting an offer. At least two locations can't hold new people and have horrible comments with only one responding to any of them. From the maintence of trucks to the deralic buildings this place is just wrong. If you want to be a team player and have a work ethnic and believe in yourself, pass this place up.

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It will ruin you
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