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Parsons embodies strength, growth and building. We support and staff some of the largest engineering, construction, and government projects worldwide. We build for the future, not only for our clients and projects but for our employees since 1944.

Our Team

Parsons is a worldwide consulting leader in cyber technology, national defense, major urban infrastructure projects as well as environmental protection and infrastructure restoration. Over 11,500 employees work with Parsons across the US and over 25 countries. Where will your next career step take you?


Our strategy is to partner with our employees empowering them to consult with clients and government agencies until the project exceeds expectation. We come alongside mission critical projects and support with expert knowledge and deep experience. Our strategy allows us to work on projects that change the urban landscape such as the $4.5 billion renovation of the Pentagon and $6 billion expansion of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, the Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport, and Dubai Metro, which is the United Arab Emirates' first transit rail system.

Financial Strength

Parsons is experiencing an upswing in financial growth after climbing back from the 2008 recession. We are positioned to be at the forefront of major upcoming projects and opportunities not only in the US but worldwide. As we add to our team of experienced consultants and employees, we will be a leader in providing expertise and support on major government and international projects.


Parsons is 100% owned by the Employee Stock Ownership Trust.

Elizabeth Rivers Tunnels

Syrian Chemical Weapons Elimination

Bosphorus Bridges


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