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Quels conseils donneriez-vous à une personne ayant un entretien chez PARC Retirement Living?

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  • 10 décembre 2020

    For those considering a career with PARC, here are some suggestions:
    • Review the job ad to make sure you have, or can get, all required certifications and meet the minimum requirements for the job

    • If contacted for an interview, check out PARC’s website and Indeed/Glassdoor platforms (if you’re reading this, hooray! You’ve already completed one step)

    • Learn about the senior’s industry and specifically Independent Living if you’re not already familiar with it. PARC fits between the Retirement and Hospitality industry so it’s important you understand what we do.

    • We also ask for your patience during the interviewing process. The hiring team works hard to move quickly through the process, but it can take time.

    • A key value at PARC is We Appreciate Each other and All That We Have! We want to meet you; we encourage you to just be yourself in the interview. 😊

  • Run!! Its not worth it at $20 an hour when in fact its $15 an hour when you get taxed 600-700 a pay cheque each time. Incompetant managers who set you up for failure. The food & beverage manager hangs out with his "server" friends & they all come to work hung over the next day. Even 1 normal manager quit but the rest are all a mess. They have no clue whats going on in the dining room. If you bring up an issue or issues, look out cuz it will either be brushed under the carpet or you will be fired for speaking up.

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