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3.1Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Unprofessional and inconsistence

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Direction changes very second to please executive managementSupervisors/ managers would throw you under the bus Some are busy while some pretend to be busyFavoritism plays a big part of your career. Just to make sure you are in the right clique

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Long hours
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Not a pleasant experience for payroll professionals

Running skeleton crew. Poor payroll system to work with large amount of head counts. Intense workload. Waves and waves of historical problems struck with ongoing issues. Favoritism, finger pointing and side picking work environment. Poor training and conflicted instructions on very sticky and complicated pay rules. Will never recommend to anyone I know.
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Sucks the Life out of you

Unstable, volatile company!! Company is unionized, but union conforms to company and whatever the “committee” decides that the senior employees need or want.

Points positifs

A pay cheque+descent benefits

Points négatifs

Tyrannical management.Most employees are sneaky little rats!!
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Hated it

Management was awful, employees are awful. The pay and benefits are good but does not our way the bad. If your a female I highly suggest not working here.

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Points négatifs

Everything else
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Powell River division is a terrible company to work for.

What an absolute horrible experience working for these people. Terrible current staff members. Have been around alot of companies and this has been my worst experience in my working career. Don't bother going to the HR for any help or advice because they just simply don't care. Current staff members are terrible and have brutle attitudes. There maintenance is at a minimum, and I am concerned for peoples safety. I could go on but it's a waste of time.

Points positifs

The view

Points négatifs

Very bad moral, staff members, safety, infrastructure, HR management, etc......
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Bled to death by Chinese parent company

Canadian operations are being run into the ground with lack of basic maintenance, injuries and turnover on the rise, if your on the island try to get with harmac. They are atleast owned by employees and Canadian family.

Points positifs

Pretty lax because no one makes a decision to do anything.

Points négatifs

Sub par wages, massive turnover at all levels, zero maintenance
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Poorest managed company I have ever been associated with!

Management is so incompetent they interviewed me about a rumour. Very unprofessional! They don’t believe it necessary to interview an employee after 3 months or ever for that matter!

Points positifs

Umm, none.

Points négatifs

Have to be part of the old boys group to succeed with this company!
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Not excellent

Good luck in the pulp industry. Better to send the kids to sell lemonade. This company will not be around long. Dont bother applying. This industry is going to the dust bin. Thank your government.

Points positifs

Good pay

Points négatifs

Wont be around long
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Productive fast paced

Leader in paper industry. Has been a leader in the paper industry. Level entry job when I applied. Need to know safety routines. Work pace is fast and organized. Shift supervisor available on radio

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Points négatifs

Contract work
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Adequate Industry. Lacks Security

New ownership group does not seem to have a committment to the future of the Powell river Facility. Otherwise a challenging and potentiall rewarding place to work. Have been permitted to advance far beyond what I cncieved even 10 years ago.
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hard to explain

great employees to work with. could be a lot better communication. if more workers and maintenance money was allocated to the facility it would make a very beneficial difference in over all performance.
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Terrible Employer

Constant curtailing machines for 1-3 months at a time making it near impossible to get ahead in life. Senior management is a bunch of puppets scared for their jobs and always trying to stab supervisors and hourly guys in the back.
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No structure and little organization

Catalyst paper was a long term employer and for that reason many bad habits are engrained in the work force, the typical day had little structure and effective supervision

Points positifs

Home every night

Points négatifs

Boring days
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Out of Touch HR Department

Shortage of experience in senior positions a direct result of not hiring and training when need was highlighted years ago. Now seeing a dangerous level of inexperience in senior positions as workforce ages and retires. How about hiring and training BEFORE senior employees with experience retire or burnout from excessive overtime.
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Good Place to work

All in all not a bad place to work, curtailments are an unpleasant fact of life due to fibre shortages but with the economy they are unavoidable. Nice to be working at home!
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Easy place to work

There is great technology integration to work with in the instrumentation and electrical field. Lots of established systems and frameworks make this more of a stable position. The paper industry and catalyst do not pay amazing money however.
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Working for Catalyst was my worst working experience so far. In operator roles there's no consistent schedule. Pay is lame. Working conditions are dangerous. Employees are mostly bitter and miserable with a few really good people here and there.
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It was an awesome experience

It was a great experience unfortunately I had to try and sell my house back home but I couldn’t I would still be there if I was able Great group of guys and the staff was great
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Good stepping stone

Terrible management and soap opera culture. Paid the bills for a while until I found something better. A negative environment with uneducated people in charge.
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Shift Engineer 1st class

Take responsibility for a crew running and ship at night and days and weekends had a good schedule for days on four days off responsible for training of other people what’s the senior manager on site during off hours
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A business in trouble

Good place to work, beautiful area of the world. The paper industry is struggling, this business in particular has been struggling to recover from bankruptcy for years.
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