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Paladin Security
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Si vous deviez quitter Paladin Security, quelle en serait la raison?

30 réponses

Low wages, High risk of injury/sickness, low transparency too what rights we have as employees.

Low wages for the risk of sickness, injury, or otherwise in the healthcare environment.

Called in sick as I felt very dizzy and nauseous and could not stand up. They expected me to STILL go to my shift, unless I needed to go to the hospital. I called at around 5:30 am. There is no doctor's office open at that time and I was not about to go to the ER, and wait forever. Would you make a sick dog work? NO! Garbage treatment of employees; dogs get treated better.

Not enough work

Wage only a fraction of what it should be for the amount of work, risk and responsibility.

Power tripping management and Peace Officers and "those who lord over you". Hard to know the right thing to do because each "Lord" has different expectations. This and the no break policy in a 12 hr shift may make me look elsewhere.

I will never think to do so because work is worship for me.

You pay horrible and your OT guidelines are breaking the law

It would simply be that I was able to use the healthcare experience I had with Paladin Security and move onto a proper career somewhere in healthcare as a Nurse or Aide or as a city Peace Officer or another form of Policing.

Low pay compared to other security companies

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