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Paladin Security
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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Paladin Security?

35 réponses

Paladin is a good security agency in terms of higher pay per hour and best trainings to its employees

Increased wages, more transparency between management and employees, more transparency between employees and union reps, transparency of your vague ridiculous rules (mandated for an hour, but if you leave after your hour you’re abandoning site and will be reprimanded)

Get the gaurds self-defense training and the understanding how and when to use it and higher pay is great to

Higher wages is a must! Don't expect a minimum wage employee to dedicate their lives to the company. Stop saying you're the best managed company, and start being the best managed company you say you are.

Paying your employees a higher wage is a must! Appreciating your employees risks and dedication to their jobs is very important. Paladin is failing hardcore.

Poor treatment from management.

Raise wage to at least $20 per hour or more. Also some sites are very hostile with client employees that are weird and anti-social.

A big increase in wage. At least $20 per hour or more. That is the only problem with the job. I think that would solve all of your retention problems for sure.

Get rid of mangement and involve a team in which cares for an employees not just numbers

Provide a higher wage. Reduce management.

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