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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Paladin Security?

8 réponses

I would make the team as a best team player, best communications with in, grooming and keeping everyone safe and sound.

Team work and inspire all workers for better performance for the betterment of company and betterment of workers

Support education

I would make the processing time for uniform replacement faster

If I were in charge of a site, first I observe as far as possible, what are the unsafe things followed by other staff, visitors and clients so far in regard to lives, equipment/material and other properties and look into previous reports whether any action has been taken to do it safe and will remind of! If I am the only concerned of imagining the dangers/damages/loss, will speak to my current Supervisor and will provide a solution for the unsafe practices not to be continued.

If I have chosen to be in charge while I am on duty , all instructions, rules, and regulations from my supervisors to me will be carried out as planned

Fire Mike Cooper and Greg
Actually help the staff improve individually and as team

Better training for hospital environment.. explain what each code means and how to respond.

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