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Comment fonctionne le processus de promotions chez Paladin Security?

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Annually, if you’re lucky. Annual evaluations are sometimes missed. When they aren’t, management will exploit any mistake that you make to avoid giving a raise.

For parking enforcement in Edmonton- 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. After that no wage increase. Management will make you feel like it's your fault for not bringing in enough money but truth is Paladin is cheap and doesnt care to give their employees incentive to stay.

Never. They said they would, but they never did. So I quit.

Never unless your promoted and they don’t do that unless you nod and say yes to everything they say no matter how foolish

Yearly basis

Very rarely. The manager was supposed to give reviews after six months, and offer raises, but it never happened, for me, or for many of the people I worked with

I just received a raise after two years with the company, because minimum wage is going up and paladin strives to have their lowest paid employees above that. But also through career advancement there is plenty of ways to make more money.

Never your lucky to get paid

Raises are negotiated with the union for non-salaried, unionized employees.
Salary raises are given based off portfolio size, performance eval and generally yearly.

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