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passable pour moi et ne sais pas pour les autres. il se peut que ce soit general

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trop strict
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It’s a good opportunity to advance.

Paladin security was a good experience, it’s definitely face paced and demanding. Depending on the site you’re at, you will be treated differently, especially if you are a rookie. If you’re casual you won’t really interact with others much. Overall if you’re looking for a career in law enforcement or security itself, it’s a great stepping stone and you can gain experience.
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Pretty nice job depending what you do

My favorite job I've ever had! depending on what you get assigned to do it's very laid back. management is weird but not in a terrible sense. if you are on a public site most of the people you interact with are pretty kind.
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At Times Boring and Stressful but Steady Work

I worked at Paladin Security for six and a half years in commercial buildings. The job could be stressful at times and very boring at other times; however, overall it was okay. The majority of my fellow guards were hardworking and trying to achieve the Canadian Dream. The best part of the job was the set schedule, as I was a student, as well. Additionally, I could pay my bills and support my family.
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Chance to work with best team

PSG collective is full of dedicated and experienced professionals from whom you can receive a lot; knowledge, advice for specific situations and support in any case. Company pays well and there are great healthcare benefits.

Points positifs

Great co-workers, good payment and benefits

Points négatifs

Every job has negative sides, especially when it includes meeting and working with all kind of people every day, so unpredictable situations can be considered like con, but they are not everyday thing
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Unfriendly People

Most of the managers and employee care coordinators were rude and unfriendly. They thought you were beneath them just because you were not sitting at an office desk. Avoid this employer if you want respect!
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Job is ok

Job isn’t bad at all and I actually like my job but management is making this a sinking ship. The reason being is because our management don’t care about the guards who work at IOL . They only care about making IOL happy, they even allow IOL to make decisions that are unjustified. There is very little communication from management to their guards and has been like that for a long time. They don’t maintain their security equipment properly or at all. For instance there’s important surveillance equipment that don’t get cleaned so guards who monitor the equipment can do their jobs. There’s also been times where security equipment would go down and take months and months to replace. From what I’ve heard regarding this is that IOL doesn’t give Paladin enough money to do the job properly.
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Working with peace officers are great, management is okay.

Working with the peace officers closely is awesome. They’re almost all nice and are very helpful when asking questions and helping train. Management is okay, the Lethbridge branch CSM for healthcare security is nice and try’s to help out best he can, however higher ups above him are useless and don’t care. The pay is terrible. They don’t care about you or what happens to you, working with other guards is a nightmare, paladin hardly trains guards and it’s either a guard doesn’t know what’s going on, or they are full of themselves. AHS staff typically doesn’t care about you and will tell you after the fact that a incident happened, which makes paladin get upset at you. Paladin doesn’t care about you. Mileage is 0.30$ a KM when federal reasonable minimum is 0.61$. They’ll do anything to cut your overtime short. They don’t care how hard you work. If you call in they demand to know every detail as to why. If you say family emergency they won’t hang up the phone till you elaborate. Zone supervisors pick favourites. Management picks favourites. No matter what you do, in paladins eyes you are always doing something wrong. To paladin you are disposable. Doesn’t matter how hard you work.
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Work in positive atmosphere

Paladin Security Group is place where you can enjoy your time while working. Co-workers are great people full of fun and also great professionals from whom you can learn a lot. Tasks are distributed fairly in a way that no body feels overwhelmed with their responsibilities. Overall atmosphere in the company is positive and relaxed.

Points positifs

Great people to work with, good compensation, secure and stable job

Points négatifs

You meet all kind of people during the work day accordingly to your task, this can be pro and also a con, it depends on situation, who you are dealing with, and your capacity to go above the potential negative situation
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Work at Wonderland instead

If you are looking for policing experience its great for the short term. But do not work here for that long. Management has no communication with its staff. This job is made by your co-workers, but at such a high stress job for so little pay its not worth it. This job should require security experience, but hires guards that are brand new to security. In a place where you have to restrain violent patients, as well as communicate to agitated patients, then make quick decisions this is not a beginners job. Never the less the pay is trash. The pay at Cortellucci as of June 2022 is $17.69 and will go up to $18.04 in September. However other security jobs that have similar job description pay minimum $25 to 30$. Do not waste your time with this place, go on to another site like wonderland or a downtown hospital that pays their employees well, and are more recognized by Police services.

Points positifs

Fun enviornment depending on team

Points négatifs

Management has no communication, hours are terrible.
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Low pay

Not enough cash to risk your life. The things you have to deal with on a day to day basis is not work $17/hr. And sometimes your working 12 shifts 5 days a week in high crime areas, protecting people that think thier better than you.
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Overall good experience

I was hired as a temporary ID station attendant, this position was 12 hour shifts I was the night shift my accommodations were covered as well as my food was covered to an extent. This position required the people who were hired a board to be very self-sufficient the training process goes by very quickly and you have to be willing to learn in a fast-paced environment also a lot of the training was self-directed and learnt on the fly.

Points positifs

Accommodations were covered, food and snacks were covered to an extent

Points négatifs

Long hours, high taxed income
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Bad management

Supervisor were not capable, and vents out frustration on others. Politics is on top not work. Management is only worried about the schedule no value for staff.
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Easy work

It is very easy job compare to other jobs. You can pick hours and shifts by your self. So it is like work whenever you want. Overall very good job for what you get paid for.

Points positifs

Easy job

Points négatifs

Mostly long shifts
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The contract i worked was very enjoyable. Once the contract ended, dealing with Paladin was one of the poorest managed experiences I have ever had.

My assigned work placement was great and in 11 months I had very little interaction with Paladin management. When the contract ended at my assignment I only received 4 days notice from the supervisor and then it was almost a month of emails and calls with HR staff before I was offered any further work, none of which I qualified for or could travel to. They refused to give me an ROE for shortage of work.

Points positifs

My assigned workplace was great.

Points négatifs

Very little contact with mgmt. Good & bad.
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Not all security jobs are the same

Paladin Security is no different from any other large security firm. You can find pros and cons with any company. The trick to security work is knowing that not all sites are created equal. If you are the type that craves action and adventure, don’t accept a fire watch or site where you’re watching equipment all night. You will be bored to tears. Conversely if your semi-retired and looking for a simple low stress job, don’t accept an alarm response position. While the pay has traditionally been on the lower side, The opportunity for overtime with Paladin is where you can make the money if you’re willing to put in the hours. Bonus is that benefits are offered. Dental, prescription meds etc.

Points positifs

Opportunity for lots of overtime

Points négatifs

Wages don't always keep up with the cost of living
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Focus on development, personal and company success

People that work for PSG have a lot of opportunities for their professional advancement as company gives a great amount of attention to educate and motivate employees. Years of experience in the field resulted with great organization structure and admirable service with overall satisfaction of clients. With all said, people that work here feel comfortable, motivated and satisfied with their work tasks, atmosphere and management/client relationships.

Points positifs

Learning opportunities, external and internal, as company has a great experience

Points négatifs

It depends from position to position, for someone that sees their professional orientation in security field, every negative aspect is minor and well communicated between co-workers and management
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it was a good place to work

it was an ok place to start out and many of my coworkrs went on to pursue carrieres in law enforcent or healthcre. youn lerned valuble skills about dealing with people from all walks of life
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Work isn't bad but pay and management needs improvement

Where even to begin, doesn't play well epically in the Healthcare side for what you do, if you get placed at a smaller site they give no site training
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Just don’t.

Wouldn’t return if my salary had multiple extra zeros on the end, hands down the worst Company I’ve been part of. Pay for every article of clothing then pay for dry cleaning upon returning it and still don’t get your full amount back. Received a $1 scratch card and a Christmas card for the holidays. I could talk for hours about how backwards this company is/was but simply put it’s a fail-up company. The less intelligent you are the higher you go… typical warm body security company that hires anyone with a pulse.
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Extensive gain in experience

With the training and certification assistance provided for the employees, career development goes upwards! The supportive management ensures to promote within, thus we all have the chance to move forward. It is also important to highlight how supportive the supervisors are. We maintain pleasant working relationships, allowing us to collaborate and communicate more easily.
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