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You take your provided-tablet to the grocery store and walk around the store asking people if they are interested in signing up for the store credit card scheme.
I learned I have "the type of face that looks angry" when at rest and approaching customers seemed to frighten them away.

Management was non-existent. I worked in the Saskatoon location but my manager was based out of Regina. He would never be around to do actual training. Each week I was scheduled for the entire week, then I would get a phone call or text telling me to not bother coming in for my shifts so I was only working one day per week which was not really worth my time.

There are no co-workers, and we are employed by contract by the parent company of the supermarket and therefore are not part of the store's team at all. It was a fine arrangement which caused no problems.

The hardest part of the job is being on your feet all day and dealing with rejection when shoppers don't want to sign up for the credit card. They are in the store to shop for food, not sign up for stuff.

The enjoyable part was working by myself and the store is a nice place to spend your time.

This is a legitimate job (you apply online and get trained online and get shipped your equipment in the mail, it seemed suspicious to me at first but it is legitimate) for the right type of person. My demeanor frightened people away, others may have better luck.
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Working by yourself
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Shoppers are afraid of salesmen trying to sell them a credit card.
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