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Youth Worker (Ontario)
le 10 mai 2022
Not Your Place Peel
I was working with this company for a while. Throughout my experience I’ve had a lot more negative than positive interactions. I will start off by saying that this place is a great way to gain experience working with youth, and learning from other staff members. All in all this is more of a stepping stone for experience and not a place you’ll want to stay for long. Now, with that aside here are some questions for you,Do you want a consistent and balanced working schedule?Do you like feeling validated and respected in the work that you do?Do you like a safe and healthy working environment? If you answered yes to these questions, this may not be the place for you. Management Team: -Expects you to give your literal blood, sweat and tears for this organization with no care about your well-being. -Treats you like your disposable. -Hires literally anyone for supervisory positions and doesn’t look into what kind of work they actually do. -Doesn’t listen to any relevant and valid complains staff have, and choose to ignore it and/or doesn’t follow up. -No staff training beyond base line stuff. (This creates a lot of stress and more responsibility on other staff to train them; which leads me to…)-Staff responsibility is all over the place. They enforce duties and responsibilities on staff that are not part of what we were supposed to be doing. Environment:-Breaking like 10+health and safety codes everyday. -There’s a full binder of policies and procedures, none of which are actually followed or enforced. This makes Our Place Peel very unbalanced, disorganized, and creates an ‘unsure-ness’ among staff when a situation arises. Overall: Great for experience working with youth if you need it. But unless you’re willing to give up your personal life and mental health, I would not recommend working here full time. Relief positions might be the better position.
Evening Youth Worker (Mississauga, ON)
le 8 avril 2022
Apply if you want to hate your job because of management!!
This is the worst organization I have ever worked for. Management treats you like your disposable and micromanage you. The staff turnover is embarrassing. It is stressful constantly training new staff and dealing with crisis situations. Supervisors and assistant managers hide in the office and gossip. They do not support staff when there are crisis situations. They won't even pick up the phone if it's ringing and you're busy. If you try to sit for a moment, they give you a task. Management doesn't support staff and staff have to complete duties outside of their role. If you like picking up garbage after youth, this is the place for you. Youth aren't held accountable and can do whatever they want. They don't go to school or work. Instead they sleep in until 4pm and party. This is a trap house and not a shelter. There is zero rules or structure. Safety for staff is not existent. I would stay away, this place doesn't follow Employment Standards!
Youth Worker (Brampton, ON)
le 13 novembre 2021
Horrible woking environment if looking to advance career
Working with Our Place Peel was a stress day in and day out. No real support from management, no training provided and no real support for the youth. Staff is expected to complete job with no training and often times are not supported by management. Management only cares about the stats rather than the overall health and mental well-being of the youth. I would not recommend anyone to work here if you have a passion for helping youth.
Youth Worker (Brampton, ON)
le 8 août 2021
Lack of proper Management // Lack of genuine support to Youth in need.
Poorly managed. If you have any desires to further your career in community services, do not work here. If you do, get the experience and run out of here. As a new employee, I did not receive orientation or proper training. I arrived on my first day and was running around tending to youth, who needed help, but I didn't have the right answers or training. I met my supervisor/manager days after my first initial start date, and I do not feel like her energy was welcoming. The majority of my day consisted of assisting at-risk youth overdosing on site, youth fighting, youth stealing from each other, etc. It breaks my heart that there's no programming for these youth, no consistent service set in place for youth to lean on. Marginalized youth who need more than just shelter; I would like to know that company I work for will do more to assist in lowering the socioeconomic barriers in which a lot of these youth face on a daily basis.
Youth Worker (Brampton, ON Mississauga )
le 7 août 2021
Worst experience ever in human services
Interviewed twice, went on site and inhaled second hand weed all over the shelter, saw kids getting high onsite, got a job offer, turned it down. Worst experience ever. The pay is garbage. The HR department is terrible. The shelter looks like the setting of a horror movie and is a terrible environment for homeless youth or staff to live/work in. Good luck to anyone who gets offered a position at this place. You'll need it.

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