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4.1Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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I have worked for the board for 5 years as a custodian and will probably be here till I retire , its a amazing place to work

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typical day starts in the evening around 3 and goes till 11 and everything is organized and color coordinated as to what you have to clean they do training to make sure you know what your doing when you start so no experience is needed. happy place to work meeting lots of friendly people with decent pay , not buy a porche rich but never going hungry pay , hardest part of the job is learning time management and being a certain pace for speed

Points positifs

benifits, pension, evenings, understanding management, union, working mostly independently

Points négatifs

having to work outside if its snowing or raining
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Casual workplace with great benefits and laid back environment

The job is very easy most of the time if you’re working custodial like I was. You just need to have a good trainer, and most evenings are a breeze. Sometimes it does feel too laid back, depending on the school, and can cause bad habits to form, but other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed my time working here.

Points positifs

Laid back, great benefits, usually nice people

Points négatifs

Messes can be unreal sometimes, physically demanding occasionally
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It takes a long time to reach full time hours and a permanent work location. Constant change in work location. Minimum wage pay as a casual custodian. Training is fast tracked with little to no practical training before you start. Casual and regular part time custodians are not treated equal with full-time custodians.
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25+ years. Great pension and benefits

Great place to work, good hours with the possibility of working close to home. Lots of chance for advancement if you want. Salary grid system. Strong pension.
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daily tasks

The head custodian is responsible for devising a plan for the cleaning of each office or room in his building on a daily basis, such as dusting, vacuuming, washing windows, waxing floors and shampooing carpets. The head custodian orders materials necessary for the upkeep of the building while staying within his assigned budget. He is also responsible for overseeing any minor repairs. In some cases, he may make the repairs himself, such as fixing a leaky faucet, or he might call a licensed professional to perform the task, such as rewiring a defective electrical outlet. The head custodian is in charge of routine maintenance of the building’s HVAC system, such as changing filters. He oversees the care and maintenance of the exterior grounds, and completes any repairs necessary to the exterior of the building in a timely manner.

Points positifs

good people

Points négatifs

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productive workplace cleaning appliances

cleaning schools making sure all task are done by a specific time (4pm) every 3 weeks custodians alternate school if they have a casual contract not permanent
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Happy to be there

The people are friendly and great to work with. Can be physically hard work and sometimes light work. You mostly work independent which can be good. Over all happy
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Great work place

Great workplace to work, very odd hours. Had alot of fun and hard work. Great pay and benefits. The job security is great after a couple years of casual employment.

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Points négatifs

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Straight forward work with an open minded approach to work.

Working as part of the custodial staff at Churchill was the most enjoyable job I have had so far. Straight forward tasks without anyone telling me how they think I should complete my own task.

Points positifs

No micro management

Points négatifs

6am start
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The custodian work is a great job if you enjoy working independently. The work is enjoyable to see a difference in cleaning the school. It has major potential to continue and become a full-time employee.

Points positifs

Secure job

Points négatifs

Working alone
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always learning something new

It is a job that requires attention to detail.sometimes it can be very busy and requires you to have good time management skills because you will have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it
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Great job security

Positive work place Always something good to learn in each day by observing others alike Managers always available Ups and downs when referring to co workers must be a good listener before becoming a great leader Having to witness hardships within families and dealing with mentally challenged students is hard at times. The most enjoyable part of my job is by being able to make a positive difference in kids lives.
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Job Security

Great for learning time management skills. Excellent benefits and security. Co-workers can be easily disgruntled. Can teach basic to high understanding of building management
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productive work place

OCDSB is a good work place, i learned different techniques.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

i didn't see disadvantages
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busy and interesting

Clean and disinfect assigned area operate machinery meet interesting people
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Productive Work place

A casual custodian like myself would be sent to various schools in the area. When assigned to a school i start as soon as the school day ends. A typical day at work for me would be cleaning boys and girls bathrooms as well as classrooms in the span of 4 hours. In each classroom i am required wipe down all desks, lift all chairs onto desks, sweep floors, take garbages out, clean sinks,vaccum carpets, and most importantly mop floors. I have always enjoyed my co- workers at all my schools ive attended !

Points positifs

Great pay, Good hours

Points négatifs

Worked by my self, I enjoy working around people
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good people to work for

work is steady pace,most co-wokers were good to work with.the best part of the job was the kids at the schools,they really look up to you and the younger ones take an interest in what you do.most of teachers were good to help out but there was a few never.
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Fun place to work!

It is a fun place to work, going up in rank/ salary is treated poorly, you can apply for higher paying positions but they do not hire you by productivity they hire by seniority.

Points positifs

not rushed, good starting salary at full time

Points négatifs

hiring by seniority not by productivity.
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Ottawa Carleton District School Board

I learned a lot when I was working for the school board as a custodian. At first it was hard but throughout the month it got easier. My coworkers were very nice and they showed me how to do lots of tasks on my own.

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Points négatifs

cleaning the washroom
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