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4.1Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Ferme le courriel en fin d annee sans prevenir l enseignant LTO.
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Amazing job and amazing people

The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board is amazing! I have worked at Elgin Street Public School since October and it has been amazing since day 1! I am the Library Technician there. A typical day for me is cataloguing books and other library items, whether on the physical library item or the online database. I also assist students and teachers to find books of their preferences.I have learned how to use Alexandria (the Library database).The management is amazing! The principal is a very nice man and he is my supervisor as well.Everyone is very positive at the school! Staff members will talk to you even if they don't know you - they are very friendly!The hardest part of the job is to balance my workload.The most enjoyable part of the job is when staff and students compliment me!I am always excited to go to work!Thank you so much Elgin Street Public School!
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Casual workplace with great benefits and laid back environment

The job is very easy most of the time if you’re working custodial like I was. You just need to have a good trainer, and most evenings are a breeze. Sometimes it does feel too laid back, depending on the school, and can cause bad habits to form, but other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed my time working here.

Points positifs

Laid back, great benefits, usually nice people

Points négatifs

Messes can be unreal sometimes, physically demanding occasionally
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The Leaders set the tone in the building

Good place to work employee benefits very good pay for full time employees Trust between supervisor and employees has been tarnished over the years in some causes. This is a hard issue to address.. Dealing with a multitude of personalities can be a difficult task . Other then this I do feel the board tries hard to address these issues. "Pros "alot of opportunity for people who set goals and have the ability to advance and educate for various job opportunities. Overal a good place to work.

Points positifs

Holidays sick leave benifits top notch.

Points négatifs

Custodian department Low moral . A hard issue to address ..
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If you are lucky enough to get in, start brown-nosing the managers because merit is not enough to advance. For an organization that is supposed to teach equity, fairness, equality and diversity, the main office is anything else but the mentioned. You will notice quickly that only favourites advance. Many complain, but its impossible to fix. Those who bring attention to that issue are ostracized and/or pushed outTeachers are great, however…Unless you are a teacher, don’t bother. The pension is the only thing that employees look forward to as they work in a toxic environment.

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Points négatifs

No advancement
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Love working here

Working with children has been a passion for a long time and working within system classes especially. I have had a great year with the board though hiring choices seemed flawed and full of bias in some events from school to school. The price of living in ottawa is unfortunately too high to only be working one job and managing a household on your own with salary from ocdsb.

Points positifs

Environment, and short hours

Points négatifs

Non livable on one persons earnings
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Registered Early Childhood Educator

Working in the Kindergarten room collaborating with the Teachers is exciting and you learn a lot about the curriculum, centers of learning, planning, and time management.

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Points négatifs

Term contract
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Very low morale

Very low pay and very low morale, literally no employee support! Doing a job well done or paying more attention to details goes unrecognized. Movement from casual to part time is not by signority but by whomever you know!
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Workplace Culture

The workplace culture is amazing as long as the team members are on the same page: on the students, on positivity and respect for everyone's unique role.
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Stressful and draining

Managements inability to support and encourage their ECE's can be quite frustrating and dismissive. A large company that does not listen to their front line staff but instead point fingers and dismiss valuable and crucial feed back from non teaching staff.

Points positifs

Ample leave, shorter hours, great benefits package

Points négatifs

Never enough time to complete work, hierarchy that does not value front line staff, unrealistic expectations of staff with no back up or follow through
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An easy and relaxed place to work in

I am enjoying my working experience at OCDSB. It does meet my needs and the team I work with is amazing. However a few things I would like to see happening. FIrst one, I would like to have more professional development opportunities provided and second, the pay scale is really low. It is not in line with my years of expertise and qualifications. When I started the job, i was placed at step one which is equivalent to someone who is just graduated from the college. I expressed my concern with the HR that I have had 16 years of teaching experience working in school setting plus a masters degree in education. All that was not taken in consideration. It would be nice to change the way the pay scale is based on. This give more incentive and motivation.

Points positifs

flexible environment

Points négatifs

Low pay scale
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Great place to work. Collaborative environment. Lots of opportunities for advancement and professional development. Being bilingual is a definite asset.
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Excellent environment to work in

The OCDSB has a wonderful, collaborative culture amongst employees with lots of room for advancement. I have been able to work in a variety of departments and gain knowledge throughout the Board.
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More progress needed on Scents Policy

There is not enough ethnic racial or cultural diversity regarding the schools' rosters of educators. There are not enough schools/staff that practice the Scents Safety policy,Mental Health Hygiene is not practiced among the staff making for Toxic workplace. Not enough support or orientation is given to new staff on how to acquire positions or be upgraded from Casual employee to Regular. There is no orientation or acknowledgment of the working roles/value of the Educational Assistants.
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OCBSD is a business

The OCDSB does not care about its teachers, or other educators. All educators are governed by ridiculous, limiting rules, that completely hinder real learning of any kind. Parents are always right. Students are always right. Educators are always wrong. They are never backed by the administration or the board.
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Productive workplace

Thanks, The Board welcomes input from community members. If you would like to address the Board or Committee of the Whole at one of the two meetings you may request to do so as a delegation. To appear as a delegation you must register before the start of the meeting. If you register before the agenda is posted you will be allotted up to four minutes, if you register immediately prior to the meeting, you will be allotted two minutes. very cooperative board.
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Student Services

I greet students as they enter the department. I help them with their needs ~ direct to a professional, counselor or answer their questions. It is an constant changing environment, very faced paced.

Points positifs

Most students are quite polite

Points négatifs

getting laid off every summer
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Ocdsb is a great place to wor

Ocdsb is a great place to work there fair and by the books they could maybe work a little faster in the review process. Or get the job offers out and the successful candidates working..
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Rewarding Challenge everyday

Being an educator is a rewarding challenge each day. Discovering each student’s strengths and passions each day is the goal. Education is the cornerstone of success and I will motivate them to exceed to their greatest potential.

Points positifs

Witnessing growth and development

Points négatifs

Tend to take work with you
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Productive and fun workplace with good support for teachers.

It is a good work place with respect and learning opportunities for new teachers. The board promotes diversity and inclusion of all who worked and studied there.
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Very strong learning environment

Entering into a classroom for the first time as an Occasional Teacher can be a stressful experience. However, the School-Board ensures that I am prepared with materials and have a foundation of knowledge and level of education to provide enhanced learning opportunities for the students I work with.
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