OSL Retail Services Inc
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Why would you want to work at OSL Retail Services Inc?

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  • 26 mars 2020

    OSL is a rapid growing company with no signs of slowing down. Join if you want to be in on the ground floor of a Rocketship! Uncapped commission, an amazing team of go-getters, and plenty of room to grow.

  • Commission

  • If you are looking to master a role (rather than being a jack of all trades), looking for an employer who appreciates your hard work & dedication and fosters growth & development, OSL is for you. This company is a place for people to do great things and has an amazing company culture. I've never enjoyed working for a company as much as OSL!

  • Good stepping stone for sales like experience

  • Great opportunity to learn retail and sales experience. Very high traffic environment with many different personalities, which allows you to learn a lot about people and what people want. It allows you to learn a lot about consumer behaviour. Great environment, and management.

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