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What is the company culture at OSL Retail Services Inc?

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  • 26 mars 2020

    OSL is a family of passionate and enthusiastic movers and shakers. We're always on the lookout for awesome individuals to join our growing team.

  • Fun working culture with good management and high growth opportunities.

  • Sell sell sell

  • They tend to favour former Future Shop employees not really taking into account the different work environment. They upper management dream up quotas without really showing you how to achieve them. They wanted us to randomly approach people in the store which many customers found creepy.

  • Great company with even better staff. Ability of advancement. Hard work and flexibility come with high reward.

  • They are not very trusting and follow reps in territory. This leads to alot of animosity in team meetings, which is hard to avoid. The job is great, the management not so much.

  • Manage by Fear, and get more more more, which likely translates into bigger bonuses from their contracts.

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