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What are the perks offered by OSL Retail Services Inc?

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Hi there! We offer both medical and dental benefits to our permanent field and corporate employees. Benefits will be effective 90 days after the start of your employment. Hope this helps!

26 mars 2020

Commission, insurance, discounting

Fair pay for fair work

Employee phone discount for one phone from each provider.

Bonuses are only for Managers, the higher you go up the better it gets. But it may also depend on the region you are in.

Sales contests and prizes are based a draw between the stores so a luck of chance not effort driven. For instance a person doing 1 sale is just as likely to win as the person you does more.

Great compensation packages: commission and carrier rewards based on different company packages. Exclusive EPP plans for carriers for your monthly cell phone rate plan. Contests, prizes, rewards, and bonuses. Great compensation if you take advantage of the opportunities and make an effort.

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