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Quels sont les horaires de travail chez OSL Retail Services Inc?

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Hi there! Thanks for reaching out. Usually the hours are Flexible. As a full time employee you will be working minimum 35h/week following the Retail Store hours.

26 mars 2020

3 days a week. Some 6 hour shifts and one 4 or 3 hour shift. Manly weekends

9:45am until 9:15pm or until activation's are completed.

40 hours a week for managers and less than 30 hours for F/T associates. P/T even less house

Sales targets are high compared to hours given vs managers.

If you are a full time associate in a busy high volume store you will be able to get 30 or more hours, slower stores will have less hours even for full time hourly employees no matter what the contract says.

If you are a manager (salary based) you will always be 40 hours.

As a manager- as long as the store is opned you are working, either at work or answering questions for staff from home

Full time hours

Store hours are 10am to 8 or 9 pm depending on the day.

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