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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Organic Garage?

6 réponses

Boring and miserable

Boring to the bone and too much micromanaging. Upper management doesn't care about employees. on the flip side, I will say that there were some people in the store that were helpful and friendly.

Absolutely horrendous, over worked, underpaid, not enough help. No support.

It’s ok as long as you aren’t in the produce department.

Upper management will spend 45 minutes talking to about their kids or their marijuana stocks but will watch you on the cameras and ask why it took you 45 minutes to work a cart of stock.

Exactly like working with a bunch of children filled with gossip, no privacy, only good part is the normal staff in the store. very dull place to work, a lot of mold near the back of the store but do not worry "its in the wall so it won't effect us"

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