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Going downhill pretty quick

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This place is going downhill real quick under new management. New GMs focus is his own well being and not of employees. A lot of politics currently and getting rid of experienced people and bringing in own friends.This used to be a legendary place but unfortunately not anymore.

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Good people

Points négatifs

Poor GM
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Decent pay but management seems lacking

I worked at Oregon tool Guelph for a year and a half. Loved the job. Provided decent money, great benefits, RRSP match, premiums for shifts and straight shifts. The job isn't difficult either.Now the negative. A year and a half ago, as a lot of manufacturing places had and have been doing, oregon started to mass hire due to covid and boomer retirement. Oregon overestimated their demand, so they say, and as such, after pushing us to work as much overtime as possible to make numbers and deadlines, took a massive step backwards, decreasing targets dramatically, and ultimately shuttering an entire shift and laying off the vast majority of their work force for the department encompassing half their plant. We had continuous meetings telling us everything was going to be ok and that they were going to support us. These "light at the end of the tunnel" comments remained right up until layoffs. Additionally, the plant manager only has 9 or so months in and during that time, things have gotten progressively worse at an exponential rate. It may very well not be his fault, but when asked multiple different questions looking for answers or input, his response is always "I don't know".So, it's a great place to work, but my confidence in Oregon tool being a secure employer is completely gone. So keep that in mind if they start hiring again.

Points positifs

Great benefits, decent pay, straight shifts, etc.

Points négatifs

Monotonous to an extent, and not a lot of employee comradery, job security seems at risk, no confidence in management
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Overall a good place to work for

I was able to learn a lot of different operations and pay for schooling. Straight shifts and pays good. Overall a good company to work for. I would recommend working there to anyone.

Points positifs

Free drinks and snacks

Points négatifs

Repetitive work
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management and greed has ruined this company

use to be one of the top employers in guelph. it was difficult to get employment here now they have a hard time getting people to work here. pay and benefits are good but company is managed poorly. seems we are always hiring then laying off.
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