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Avis des employés pour Sales Representative chez Orangetheory Fitness - Burlington, ON

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As an SA, the highest percentage of commission you get is less then 5% at a one time payment depending on the membership you sell. Meaning you sell 1 membership and you get 4.8 % of that sale and never again. The minimum wage is low. It is not enough to support an adult living on their own. OTF is a franchise company and the owners of the region expected a lot, were very unapproachable and didn't praise their employees enough. The only thing good was the actual Manager of this studio. The employment security is non existent. There are NO BENEFITS for full time workers. The SA's have to clean all of the studio including the workout areas, washrooms, yes toilets and showers. The coaches get paid double what the SA's make and can triple even quadruple the pay depending on how many members are in the class. Worked here for 3 months and I went backwards in my budgeting. Showed up for all my shifts, did all the tasks I had to do. Told the management this, and the General Manager did not even say anything. He came by our studio maybe twice in the 3 months I was there, and mostly stayed in the back office but expected us to sell, sell, sell. Also the owners are all family related, the GM, the social media manager, opener etc. So it's actually pretty intimidating and the assumptions can vary a lot to workers and members.
Points positifs
Free workouts, clean space because you clean it.
Points négatifs
Low pay, no benefits, sketchy behind the scene Management
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