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Why would you want to work at Orangetheory?

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  • After working at OTF I would recommend being careful with which location. In my experience owners were unprofessional and did not treat their staff well.

  • It seems like a fun place to work but all you do is make calls and pressure sell people

  • You get a free OTF membership but you will be expected to do 2 mandatory workouts a week and will have no work/life balance

  • The only good thing was the free membership. But they were so negative about your weight that they made you workout once a week

  • Never again- most unprofessional management, bullying in the workplace is constant

  • Never. Ever. Again.

  • It is so easy to get behind the idea and concept of Orangetheory, based on the physiology of the workout. To encourage people to join and to be a part of the Orangetheory family is so easy if you understand the workout and how beneficial it is to each and every individual. The company in in itself is amazing. Great concept and always an amazing workout. Wish I could own one myself.

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  1. Why would you want to work at Orangetheory?