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Horrible place to work. Management takes advantage of everyone.
Systems Administrator (Ancien employé) –  Ontario30 octobre 2018
This is a very odd company to work for. There are managers, on top of managers, on top of managers. Basically everything you do is handed down to you from someone above you who didn't want to do that job.

This is the only company I have ever been at that makes you work an entire 72 hour quarterly maintenance, where only the managers get paid, and shames you across the company if you are unable to participate, or can't participate for the length of the period. My wife went into labour one QM and they basically told me if I really wanted my job I should reconsider going to the hospital. It's a company that you give 150% to and they look for any way to return nothing.

The last straw was when they started laying off North American staff and started hiring staff in India very rapidly. One day there are 200 new hires announced in India, and 3 weeks later 400 people laid off in US.Canada. To make it worse, you find out that all the Indians you have been training are the ones that you are training to take your job.

It was worse when they sent you to other sites as they refused to pay parking, mileage, or gas.

Oracle is a huge company that is run like a penny pinching mom and pop place
Points positifs
Can be a relaxed atmosphere
Points négatifs
Very bad management, no appreciation for staff, horrible tools
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