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Great place to work with the right team

Get the experience you need in your initial role and then leverage that to find the best team that fits your ideal work culture and THEN it will be the best place to work!
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Good but can be stressful

It really depends on where you work. Some managers are great, others are awful. Full-time remote work will not be happening. Also health benefits are terrible.
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Great place to learn and grow

Management was supportive of interns and junior staff. The workplace culture was healthy, positive, and mutually supportive. The most enjoyable part of the job was contributing to projects that had a direct impact on keeping our processes running smoothly.

Points positifs

Opportunities to gain new skills, helping with a variety of projects

Points négatifs

Short contract positions
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Great opportunities for exposure to a variety careers and business

The Ontario Public Service (OPS) is a great organization with lot's of opportunities to change roles and experience different businesses with more than 20 different ministries ranging from transportation to gaming to housing, etc. It employs more than 60,000 employees. The OPS has gone a little overboard on the diversity approach though so much so that they are almost discriminating the other way. If you are male or female and white you will be disadvantaged in terms of access to senior leadership opportunities. This ultimately may affect the OPS's effectiveness. They should stick to the bona fide selection criteria in their recruitment process. Too much of a diversity lens is a problem.

Points positifs

Lot's of opportunities around the province, Good compensation and benefits, Somewhat flexible work hours, Lot's of variety

Points négatifs

If you like face-paced decision-making, it may not be the place for you, Diversity commitment is overdone and may negatively impact OPS's success in the long-run
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Productive and fun place to work with lots of collaboration from diffrent departments. competitive pay, great benifits, alot of time off

breifing notespresentationstraning manualinquirescommunication on important filesdiscussing projects with diffrent departmentsreaching out to diffrent federal agencies

Points positifs

great pay, time off, great management

Points négatifs

long hours, boring work, bureaucracy
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Correctional work pays well awful environment

Great$$$ terrible work environment. Screw up move up is the motto most supervisors are sub standard and prisons are a breeding ground for depression after years of working there and meeting hundreds of staff that have PTSD due to stress or an unsafe environment I give the job a 3 out of 10

Points positifs

Benefits tons of overtime

Points négatifs

Poor management directed differently by each new government
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Bad place to work.

The bosses are cowardly and hide from responsibility. No accountability for the clowns in Orillia. Need to better train the officers for the real world.

Points positifs

Can sleep on the job and do personal business while on duty

Points négatifs

Always worried about your job
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Work culture was collaborative I felt like I was a part of someting big, positively contributing to society and making a difference.

While working for the Ontario public service I was inspired to learn and to grow, build and achieve greater skills, knowledge and abilities through various training programs and workshops. I was encouraged to contribute even at the Executive Administrative level my import was important and I felt like I was making a difference. I was recognized and awarded for going above and beyond for delivering exceptional customer service and for being an asset to my superiors as well as my coworkers.

Points positifs

Lunch and Learn workshops and internal government programs / courses to improve one's knowledge, skills and abilities was a great thing.

Points négatifs

Internal competitions for permanent acements was very difficult.
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Caring Health Care professionals working at providing better care for Seniors in Long Term Care

Good job providing flexibility of work while working with other health care professionals. Lots of travel throughout Southwest Ontario. Great opportunity to understand the different needs throughout our province.

Points positifs

Set own work schedule based on priorities

Points négatifs

More training required for an ever changing work environment and new Long Term Care Legislation
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Invest your time and energy elsewhere

I wished I had known how bad things were with the the OPS prior to my investing my time and energy into it. It is just not worth it. It is a soul crushing, profoundly unfair work situation. Managers are allowed to do whatever they like regardless of 'theoretical' rules, laws, and regulations. The system is run by nepotism and don't let anyone suggest otherwise. It is a total mess. Run, don't walk away.

Points positifs

Some of the benefits

Points négatifs

Nepotism, non-compliance to rules and laws
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Will suck the soul out.of your life ..pays well ..trust noone ...gossipy high school like ...keep to yourself ..negative environment..boys club ...few friends

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Culture boys club
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Mostly interesting work!

There is no such thing as a typical day in the office in the Ontario Public Service. Work can be unpredictable from day to day. You just need to be flexible and organized to adapt.
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Dont waste your life.

Tired for 11 years. Your institution makes policy and region tries to fire you for not following. Have fun with Fyntenol. If your a millenial dont apply your useless.
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Peaceful workplace

This place is great to work for any person. The management is quite friendly and is always supportive to the staff. The hurdles in tasks are discussed within the group and solved accordingly.
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Care taker

I learned that working for many different people of their different way of thinking and wanting things to be the way they would want them done but I was very patient and understanding. That was the hardest part of the day. The most enjoyable day would be just sitting at a park and being A Companion in some funny way.
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Productive work place

Friendly co-workers, Lots of opportunities and challenges to grow and learn. A very diverse crew, Very proud of being part of a team that supports essential services like communication towers for first responder.
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Great service

Very competitive. Must be willing to sacrifice work life balance. Environment can be dangerous. Great union. Training is not paid. Lots of working on holidays.
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Productive Environment

A very busy office. A great deal of attention to details is required. Management was very accommodating and easy to work with. Daily activities was routine and repetitive. All responsibilities were handled in a strict confidential manner.
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Fun but productive

Fun place to work but it can be tremendously slow sometimes. However, new work may come at any time with short deadlines leading to an increase in pace.
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Good job

Overall I enjoyed my time with the Ontario government. Being able move around to different Ministry's and position is a give you a wonderful opportunities.
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