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3,7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Helpful and beneficial. Everyone in the tree am wants to create a a supportive and amicable culture. There's snacks always and sometimes feels like I'm snacking at Costco
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It all depends who your managers

The manager you get will make or break you in the OPS. The pay is solid and the benefits are okay. Sadly getting hired or promoting many depends on who you know and not your qualifications.
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Underwhelming and bureaucratic

Difficult to move work along without barriers. Overall toxic work environment conditions where everyone is experiencing workload stress due to many rules and not enough time to be innovative and thoughtful with project and service delivery.
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Hard to attract good talent

Place with great purpose but cannot attract quality talent due to archaic pay structures. Unqualified people are Managers/Directors in HR unfortunately.
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Great Company

Relaxed work environment. Lots of room for growth, great pay, travel benefits. Lots of systems to learn, things can sometimes move slow but that is government.
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Toxic & uncaring

People are self centred, staff turnover is high and unmanaged. Lots of lip service but No respect for work/life balance or authentic diversity. I’d advice to find a good boss to work with.
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Great Place to work

Friendly staff and a not too fast paced work environment. The work culture feels like a positive community. Gives people the opportunity to assume a higher position.

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Hybrid, company events, friendly staff

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No cons
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Amazing place to work. A lot of opp to grow. Pay is a bit a low but good job security. Hybrid 3 days a week and 2 days at home. Everyone is nice and amazing.
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Great place to work

Managers are nice, work is interesting, a lot of opportunities for growth. Big emphasis on political acuity. Collaboration sometimes not encouraged. Pay is good.
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Good workplace

Good place to work overall. Lots of opportunity for OT. For the most part management is good, but there are some exceptions. This is probably the best place to work in Ontario corrections.
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productive environment to work

there is oppotunity to learn. amazing colleagues to learn from and you develop good working relationship with the manager. strong collaborative spirit .
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Being slowly toppled by this government

The teams and colleagues are great and supportive, but the morale (especially in the environmentally-minded ministries) is low due to this government's constant rollback of environmental protections. There are a diversity of roles available for the eager to try, especially with the exodus of folks from the service. Benefits are still competitive, although the feds often pay a little more for the same skillsets. Wages do not match inflation in a city such as Toronto.
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Very professional, reliable and public oriented jobs.

My principal strength is Computer skills . I demonstrate excellence through my knowledge of computer technology, systems, and in-house software applications as there are so many opportunities to move on and learn new things every day.I developed a set of unique skills andqualifications related to my job position through formal training and practical work experience over a number of years

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Opportunities for advancement

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Good pay - benefits - work life balance

Really good work life balance. No pressure of targets and sales or bs. Purely about helping public. Management can be hit or miss depending on who is your boss. Workplace is easy and every one is PC and accepting as a government agency should be.
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Senior leadership hates and disrespects managers and the environment is toxic

Managers make less than their direct reports due to “salary inversion”. Constant extreme and unnecessary deadlines for everything are demoralizing and very stressful. Any sort of honesty is strictly forbidden
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Good work. No overtime. Get to use your brain. Enviorment is standard office enviorment. Good pension. Benefits are ok. Wage is OK. Make more in the private sector though.
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Great Place to Learn New Skills

The pay isn't really great but it's amazing for career development. I've learned a bunch of skills that have helped me to move up in Corporate Ontario
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Friendly and productive workplace

I enjoyed my time as a summer student here. Colleagues and management are all very welcoming and friendly and willing to help you out. Would recommend.
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poor healthcare management

poorly managed healthcare dept. Poor wages for work expectations, bullying in the workplace, Agency staffing get paid alot more and the work expectations are lower for them. Unionized workplace but this union does not bargain for healthcare.BUT there are hours of overtime if you want it.

Points positifs

12 hour shifts

Points négatifs

bad management, clicky environment, too many agency staff
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Great place to work

I’ve been here for years and really enjoy it. Benefits are great, salary is good. Leadership is great too. I look forward to many years here. Pension is excellent.
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