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Sales Associate18 avis
Edmonton, AB18 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good starting place for retail

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Working here wasn't bad at all, my cowworkers were friendly and my managers liked to keep a good distance which I think is respectable. Some days it's very chaotic and other days it's soooo very slow it just depends on what shift you're working
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Okay place

It wasn’t bad I worked there for a year honestly workplace culture depends on management. There is some favouritism from certain managers and that can determine your hours. The discount was very generous though.
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Not bad

kind of stressful work environment. You have to dealing with rude customers. Some of the managers are not connnected well with employees. But the coworkers are nice.

Points positifs

Free snacks

Points négatifs

Long hours sometimes with many shifts and sometims with none
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Fun fun fun

Great place to work, really great management and co-worker. Fast paced. Opportunity for advancement. Training was great. Treated fairly and felt secure in my job.
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Positive environment and overall satisfactory work experience

Working at Old Navy was highly enjoyable and was a very energetic place to be. The staff is wonderful and working with them was excellent. Great place to work and meet new people with common interests.

Points positifs

Occasional celebrations for holidays

Points négatifs

Short hours
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26 juillet 2019
This is what we love to hear! We're always looking for great people to join our team across the family of brands.

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its a nice fun summer job for high school /university students. good discount. good hours In summer. little to no hours from Jan to April and Sept to November.
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Fun place to work

Old navy is a fun place to work,management team isn’t difficult to get along with,the company try its best to show appreciation to its employees and they are customer friendly
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Overview of working for Old Navy

Old Navy is a workplace that provides work opportunities to diverse people. But there are very few hours given- 3 hours in a whole week despite giving a whole week availability. You're stuck being a Sales Associate forever, with not many opportunities to advance in career. Not worth it. Find another job. Oh, and managers threaten to fire people on a regular basis without attempting to understand other circumstances that impact how they work!

Points positifs

Treats on special days ( New Year etc.)

Points négatifs

Less hours, next to none career advancement opportunities.
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Great learning experience, poorly trained management

Workplace culture was difficult to deal with, problem co workers never disciplined , management partying with staff after work. However, my time at Old Navy helped me develop communication skills in customer service.

Points positifs

Learning sales associate position, training staff

Points négatifs

Unfair work enviroment, no promotion after 2 years emplyed
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good place, autonomy, great spirit

Good work, a lot of hours, fun to work in retail and huge stores. Autonomy and initiative is very important. No bossing, and productive work. Hours depend on the season, but overall good shifts are given, even to the temporary. Good discounts to the employees. However, no good customer services strategies, focus too much on the shop lifting, which is an obsession, no care of the clients that are respectful and loyal to them.

Points positifs

Shifts, discounts, autonomy, fair pay

Points négatifs

no customer service training, a lot of work
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productive workplace

I left old navy because they don't give me enough hours and sometimes they send me home early because the store is slow. which I totally find unfair. I only get 6-7 hours a week

Points positifs

friendly employees

Points négatifs

lets me go home early
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Very lax but need management help

Depending on the day, you could be so busy or you could be so bored. I learned how to work with others whether you no matter how difficult it may be and how much you do not get along. The store lacked leadership because management did not agree on a lot of things. The atmosphere within the co-workers, aside from management, was great. I am friends with some of these people until now. The hardest part of the job would be the difficult customers we have to deal with. The service at Old Navy is not terrible, so if a customer is giving attitude, it makes their job a little harder. And though it may not make any sense, the customers are the most enjoyable part of the job as well. They are what runs the store, besides the children running around the store.

Points positifs

Great environment

Points négatifs

Lacks management
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The job was enjoyable, and employees were all very friendly. Over all good place to work

A typical day at work consisted of me working the till, as a cashier. Assisting customers with their clothing needs and questions. Also learned to cash out tills at the beginning and end of everyday. Working behind the scenes, unpacking boxes to stalk the shelves. All co-workers and management were enjoyable to work with. The hardest part of my job, of course in any retail job, are some of the unkind and ungrateful customers, that seem to come in just to ruin your day. But you continue to smile and tell them to have a nice day. On the other hand customers can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the job.
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I occasionally have nightmares where I'm still working at Old Navy (literally)

It was absolutely awful. Some days I would spend an entire shift at a couple of tables, refolding and refolding everything because the customers really didn't care where they put things back- and there was a never ending swarm of them. The people I worked with were just as apathetic. The majority of them stood around all day talking to each other, doing absolutely nothing unless management walked by. The wonderful pre-chosen CD for our store just about had my ears bleeding at the end of the day, and one manager was also very rude in general and made everything even better by constantly nagging me for not smiling at him every time he graced me with his appearance.
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Productive, fun

It is a fun place to work, feels like home, away from home. seeing different people everyday, also interacting with different customers, and trying to meet there needs. I have learned how to be more efficient, re-ticketing merchandise, pricing, etc. My co workers are the best we have lots of fun while we work, that's what make it even more exciting. Couldn't have ask for a better management team, everyone treated equally , and its just awesome. the hardest part of the job I would say is when it gets too busy, especially in the summer time and Christmas, but I managed to get through it. the greatest part is know how to deal with the problem. the most enjoyable part is when we all work together as a team.

Points positifs

we do have television in our Breakroom
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I love working because it brings growth and satisfaction.

Work is fun. I love serving customers and making sure their needs are met. Management is there to assist in every way possible.
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Ensure every customer receives exemplary customer service

Ensure customers are your primary focus and all other tasks are secondary
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Fun place to work at just low pay

Great atmosphere and great managers but the pay is kind of low.
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