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If you are looking for somewhere to work where you won't be overworked and underpaid, don't work here.

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I was working at Old Navy for less than 5 months. They don't respect when you need specific days off for doctors appointments, or respect if you are a student (in my case a high school student). I was hired for part-time work, but was often working full-time hours with none of the benefits. I was paid minimum wage and was often disrespected by customers and staff a like. Please save yourself the hassle of working here.
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Not a great experience

The interview process was very easy and I was offered the job on the spot. It's fine as a summer job, especially if you're a student in need of some money. However, I do not recommend staying with the company for longer than a couple of months. Management is far from stellar, as they were often extremely rude and judgemental (way too much gossip). Furthermore, my store's management insisted on calling me over twenty times in a span of an hour asking me to come in (I had not signed the part of the contract agreeing to be called in at random times to pick up additional shifts), then got mad when I refused to do so given that I was at school.

Points positifs

Easy money

Points négatifs

Everything else
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Fun place to work for students

old navy is fun to work at only con would be that you are constantly folding and hanging clothing all day so it can be quite repetitive, management is pretty okay for the most part i was able to have a super flexible schedule with school.
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Best place I’ve ever worked by far!…

Old Navy is an amazing place to work! The staff and management are accommodating and supportive:) Hours are always available and flexible as well! They train their staff very efficiently and make sure they’re comfortable doing their job.

Points positifs

Store Discount & Benefits, Friendly Staff & Management

Points négatifs

No Cons!
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Not recommand

What I liked is that you can easily get experience in retail and cashier but what I didn't like was the management and the fact that if your scheduled for 5H they end up cutting your hours just because they don't have customers and that you not good because it's not your fault that their isn't. Therefore your salary which is already low don't see any growth. The management itself was not that special as they are always watching at you and if your new well your the first one they will cut work hours off.
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pretty good place to work

i loved working here and the management is pretty good. the managers and the company as whole try their best to make everyone feel accepted. work load is pretty easy
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Amazing environment & fun workspace

I’ll always encourage others to choose old navy for an option of workspace!You learn so many new things while surrounded by positive people all the time. Definitely up there as of my favourite jobs I’ve had!

Points positifs

Donate to Charities events

Points négatifs

The old cash machines lol
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Good place to work

Honestly, old navy is very slow-paced, relaxed, and chill. Mostly families come to shop there, worked there for 5 months, it was really good. The managers were very nice.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Slow paced
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Fun beginner job

Great place to work with if you like to chat with your costumers and to improve your communication skills. Lots of memorization since there's a sale almost every week
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It was Okay

Okay for temporary summer job, but otherwise it was super busy and hard to get hours. Some supervisors were just rude but just don't take them too seriously.

Points positifs

Flexible hours

Points négatifs

Rude supervisors
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If you want to make as little money as possible with managers constantly nagging you, than go ahead, work here ....

They never stop talking and complaining on the "walkie-talkie" that you must have strapped-on your ear the entire shift.I have to hear middle-age women complain and cry my entire shift, right inside my ear.They need to give Employees more freedom and responsibilities rather than constantly nagging at us.I had a more positive time dealing with customers than my managers.Customers would treat you with dignity/respect, managers would constantly berate you and all the employees.
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Toxic and Stressful

The management staff is always changing, the schedule is inconsistent and they rarely respect days off/school schedules. Managers often don’t listen and don’t help out on the floor (leave employees to fend for themselves). Overall very messy and a stressful work environment that many ex-employees wouldn’t recommend joining.
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Stressful and no proper management.

Extremely stressful and no proper management since October 2021. Promised with minimal of 20 hours but hardly 20 hours get allocated even. Very disappointed working here . Apparently things are worse since end of last year 2021.
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Typical retail experience

Your experience heavily depends on what store you work at; it can be very fast-paced if it is at a busy location or it can be very relaxed at a quieter location.
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good for part time job while at school. lots of really busy days, but also lots of days where it’s really slow. management really changes the overall experience
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Okay place

It wasn’t bad I worked there for a year honestly workplace culture depends on management. There is some favouritism from certain managers and that can determine your hours. The discount was very generous though.
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An alright job

It’s an excellent starter job but hours are lacking and there are next to no opportunities for advancement. Managers seem to be reasonable and understanding.
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Gossiping and awful management

Got scheduled at 7 AM and they called me to cut my hours just 30 minutes before. Happened twice to me and to other employees. Very pushing and unrealistic expectations. $.20 raise after 6 months working. They talked infront of you and act like they dont mean anything bad at all. People quits like flies.

Points positifs

Employee discount

Points négatifs

Awful management
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Not great

10/10 would not recommend. Toxic work place environment, rude management, backstabbing, no work life balance. Either working like crazy or no hours at all. Terrible pay. Avoid it unless you hate your life.
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Loved working at Old navy. It was hard to be on your feet but the people were great and you knew what to expect. Customers can be a lot to handle but it gets easier as time goes on and you become more comfortable. Good management, helpful and engaging. Low pay (minimum wage) could be higher as you are on your feet all day and dealing with "karens" The staff are all nice and helpful ( a few are young but good workers) On your feet for long periods of time ( some shifts you wont get a break because of the hours. So you may work 3 hrs. and be on your feet the entire time minus bathroom breaks) Good exercise if you want something to keep you active. ( could average 20 thousand steps for a 6hr shift) Good clothing deals for staff Overall I enjoyed it.

Points positifs

Good team, good managment

Points négatifs

Low pay and odd hours. you may not work for 4 days and then work for 6 in a row
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Laidback and fun workplace

Looking for a casual PartTime Job? Old Navy is the place to go Fun Management and staff during the holidays can be hectic but in general a very laid back job
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