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Sales Associate440 avis
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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good starting job

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Fine place to work. Management is good! However working for a large corporation has many downsides as it does not care about its employees at all. No raises, benefits and hours are not guaranteed.
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Good coworkers. Decent management, sometimes they can be a bit micromanaging though. The coworkers really make the job fun. The customers can be annoying sometimes
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Good co-workers, bad management

Pros:-Co-workersCons:-3 hours shifts so they don't pay for your breaks-Bad management -Multiple calls while off work-Gaslighting to stay-Raise in form of pizza parties and chocolat
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One of my favourite places I’ve worked

This was my first job, and it was so positive and so much fun right from the beginning. They had me back seasonally after college a few times. There are still great people at the north end Barrie store.
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it’s definitely a job

good first job. customers can be really rude and full of it especially if you are a cashier. the company loves keeping you for a long time and don’t like when you quit early. lovely coworkers since everyone has been there for a while everyone knows each other like family. days can be very long and boring though.

Points positifs

friendly coworkers, decent part time job

Points négatifs

long boring shifts, when it’s busy it’s super busy and could be stressful
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Good for first job

Nice co-workers and not every stressful work. It can sometimes be stressful as some managers will micromanage you and pressure you to meet certain quoatas especially during slow days
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It’s a decent first job but the management is abusive. I enjoyed working with my colleagues and teammates but the managers are super rude and degrading especially to high school employees
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Fun and health work place.

Everyone who works here are super sweet, and the managers and leaders are so supportive. While it does get quite busy from time to time (especially back to school and Christmas) It not all that stressful but just enough to encourage me to keep going. Vey happy to be working here.

Points positifs

Employee discount, lots of people to make friends with, healthy working environment

Points négatifs

Minimum wage, holidays are very stressful
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Ok work environment, management generally doesn’t care about staff enough but that’s typical for large companies. Fun staff members and some flexibility on what position you work every day which makes things less repetitive.
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Good place to work. Great team and fair workplace, caring manegment and room for growth with in store. Great training and support when ever needed. Great
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Fun people and environment

I had a great experience working for Old Navy. Especially working there as a first job as a teen was pretty fun as there was people my age to work with. Doesn't really require a lot of effort in regards to the work and it all depends on the management.
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Fun and relaxed workplace

I came to this location from a different one at the beginning of September and it has been a great experience. The staff and management are very accommodating and create a very fun and exciting environment to work in
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Horrible management. No structure.

Horrible management. Worked there 4 months and two of the managers are useless and mean if you’re not in their friend group. There’s hypocrisy in every job but this one omg it’s awful. Everyone talks bad behind every body. They make you work and they look at you never doing anything and chilling with the other employees. One employee took 2h of lunch break and wayyyyy to many pauses and they NEVER said anything about it because the employee is their friend. I took a break or 20 mins i got talked about it. This environment is SO toxic. My advice? RUN

Points positifs

Employee discount

Points négatifs

Everything else
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Great team, terrible leadership

Worked there for a while after high school and would randomly be told to go home by managers if traffic was bad, vice versa be asked to stay if traffic was high. The only thing that kept me there was the fun coworkers
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Poor management

Schedule is all over the place shifts are constantly being canceled or added. Manager is useless and often talks down to the staff and doesn’t properly train you or communicate whats going on around the store and makes sure you know you’re expendable.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Poor management lack of communication
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productive and fun place to work

Great to work, learned new things everyday, talked to customers, had daily tasks and goals, management gave less hours throughout the days, and sometimes shifts would be cancelled
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just ok

it was fine for a minimum wage job if your not relying on the money and just want something casual shifts do get cut if the store in not making enough money that day
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Great experience

Great experience in the retail industry. If you work as shipment associate you may get your shifts cut if the delivery doesn’t arrive on time in the morning. Otherwise it doesn’t take long to get the hang of the sales floor and assist customers
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Would not recommend

High pressure for a low paying job. Had to work very early mornings for shipments, starting at 5am without being given a choice. Customers are also rude which doesn’t help
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Good place

good place to work starting out. just like any other retail store tbh. Management is really good and supportive. also liked my coworkers and customer are nice

Points positifs

good environment

Points négatifs

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Bad Management

The work is minimum wage, yet they tie sales metrics and push you to sell stuff. Only good thing about the job there pretty flexible with hours and such.
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Sales Associate chez Old Navy

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