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Retail Sales Associate53 avis
Canada53 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Well it was good but, C’est comme tous les magasins de vente au détail. Assez tiresome, and the pay was quite low. But it was, for the most time, a good working environment and my teammates were great. Would recommend for a student
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I worked there for 3 months and got about 70 hours in total could barely pay my insurance and the management was awful

get to work clock in with 2-3 different passwords they expected me to memorize with one 3 hour shift a week. Only did one thing that I was barely trained on. There was some nice people but couldn’t get to know anyone cause of my hours.

Points positifs

Discount on clothes if I ever got my discount card(I never got it)

Points négatifs

Unorganized bad management no hours
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Ok place to work you just walk around help customers fold clothing and stick shelves. Fairly easy going place to be while I was employed had issues getting shifts left because of that fact but overall this was an easy job formpart time
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Decent beginner job

My experience working at Old Navy was good experience to have for a first job. You're likely to work each and every possible job throughout the store and the building was pretty small so it didn't take forever to get used to. Receiving kinda sucked and it also sucked when I was expected to know exactly where to find each and every specific item just by looking at them quickly. If you need a foot in the door in retail it's worth a short term job here.
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Fun place to work

The staff here are fun to be around. The store culture is inclusive and welcoming. Some people pull their weight more than others and some speak Punjabi to each and others feel left out. The benefits are great but the salary is low. If you work hard you will be acknowledged and rewarded.

Points positifs

Great discount, benefits for full time, sick time and vacation time for everyone. Monthly treats for the staff, plus potlucks and other types of events.

Points négatifs

Low pay, not enough part time hours, lazy people are not noticed.
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Poor Mgmt

It was disorganized and understaffed, so you could never get caught up on work. The management were not friendly and would cut hours without warning. Not a job you can rely on.
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Lack of communication within the workplace

I was hired on as a sales associate but barely received any sort of training. Instead of training me they put me in the children's clothing section without any acknowledge of sales happening so I could not let customers know. In the end I was mostly just cleaning the story before opening.

Points négatifs

Lack of communication between management and staff, lack of staff
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Fun workplace

It was fun to meet people in fast paced environments. But there are limited room to grow and customers were not greatIf you like to work in face paced retail space it’s good place to start I think
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Too impatient to train new people

I loved this job, was very excited to get it but they did not bother to train me properly. If i did something wrong they would just take over for me and do the rest of the the task and tell me to wait in the corner for something else to pop up to do. They are extremely impatient and do not care for their staff. If they don’t get it in the first day the managers just treat you like garbage. They made snide comments and looked like they were speaking about me behind my back all the time. They even said they were considering to promote me to higher ups but then never bothered to train me on anything else, gave me less shifts or cancelled the ones i did have until i quit. I was then told by another coworker if you aren’t in the schedule system for a month you’re automatically fired which is what they were going to do to me instead of just telling me straight up that i am not doing a good job. they never went over anything with me or pulled me aside to give me feedback they just let me walk over the store looking confused and none of the other employees did anything because they were all too busy as they were understaffed. when i first got there they had a whole bunch of people quit at the same time. i should have taken that as a warning and never take the job.

Points positifs

good breaks, friendly coworkers.

Points négatifs

horrible, unorganized management. over worked staff.
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Good Workplace

Enjoyable workplace for a retail environment. Management is supportive and helps the crew out however there is little room for advancement within the company.
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Great place to work

Great working environment, great staff and management team. Works with you, accommodating to your needs and provides a safe place for growth. I would recommend this place to work.

Points positifs

Discounts, great atmosphere

Points négatifs

Short shift or limited hours
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fun to work

fun to work but not very nice managers, hopefully now its better. they used to tell you how to do things one day and change it the next without telling you and if they saw you doing it like before some managers got mad.
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Great place to work

Very flexible with schedule Great work environment to work in just love working there Everyone works as a team give yearly reviews Over all great place to work at
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Nice place to work

Good place to work. Very chill atmosphere. Really enjoyed working there. Shifts are short sometimes but I was also going to uni. Really nice managers.
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Old navy is poor

Old navy gives very few hours, like 8 every few weeks, as far as job security goes it is not very good, management keeps hiring before giving you hours. In short old navy is not the place to go if you need a stable job.
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Good for first job

Overall pleasant experience. Working hours are limited during offseason. Best for first time job seekers as you get customer based job experience required.
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Difficult to integrate at first

Somewhat disorganized environment, displaced responsibilities require vast knowledge of store sections and ability to move to other areas quickly while adapting to change of roles (ie. folding to cash wrap).
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Proactive Worker and I am really willing to learn

I have learned to overcome from being shy to customers and that I like to work with customers when there are friendly and easy going to me and when I deal with impatient customers I will do my best to try to do my best until I make it through.
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Good place to work

Not bad but management changed a lot. Some managers have attitude/ not great at communication. Coworkers are friendly and helpful. Easy to make friends & it’s a welcoming environment.
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

26 juin 2019
We understand the vital impact our managers have in the experiences of our employees. We're working to make sure our managers are able to support their teams and succeed. Thank you for your comments.

Engaging and eventful environment

- Was a wonderful experience - Folded clothes, greeted customers - Was a great time in retail, but am seeking a job that has more to do with my BFA - Made great friends, which made it more fun to go to work - Safe and comfortable environment
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co-workers were amazing, helpful and understanding

it was my first retail job so I was unfamiliar with everything but thanks to my amazing co-workers I was able to learn very fast. Not too much of a fan when it came to their organization, everything was kinda out of place and I often had to reach out to my manager

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

6 mai 2019
We understand the value of teaching our employees skills they can use throughout their careers. We hope you'll continue to utilize the skills you learned on our team. Thanks for sharing!

Retail Sales Associate chez Old Navy

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