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Cashier/Sales3 avis
Calgary, AB3 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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location was slow, and the lack of training. The management was nice enough, but would get mad even if there are zero customers and nothing to do. hardest part of the job is keeping yourself busy even if there are no sales
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"We are like a family"

Honeslty in the beginning it was fun and okay later on the managers changed and became really stuck up, they sceduale you whenever and god forbid you actually have an availability which doesnt allow you to work everyday theyll make you feel so bad and coerce you to make it more open so its more convenient for them. The team has been leaving like dropping flies they don't reward seniority nor hard work mainly those that are the "favorites" and oh dear are there ever some favorites. Dress code is okay though kind of odd that you cant wear leggings, for a store that's like 40 percent lounge and activewear it's not really open to wearing those products expect on the set theme days. Pros would be the three store discount at ON, Gap, and BR, however at old navy now most things are overpriced or everyday magic to which you employee discount wont apply. Cons they dont realize it's a retail job and they expect everyone to have put it above and beyond your own needs while still paying less than ever, you can rarely call in again my managers made me feel worse about being sick when I did have to call in (I've been at this job for almost 4 years first two years I rarely called off and would come in when called even if it were last minute) they often make last minute changes to the schedule and add or cut a shift nearly sometimes the day of, though you cant give your shifts away even if you have gotten them covered by someone else without being interrogated. For the managers that have made this their career dont realize that people are not like them and do have other priorities, the days - 

Points positifs

Short shifts for those that prefer it, employee discount, pet sweaters and shirts

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Short shifts, bad management, random consistent sceduals, rarely any vacation hours, minimal raises not even a dollar after 3 years, favoritism
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not worth it

The GM does not care about anyone but themselves. Most of the other managers were decent but they definitely have favorites. The GM has swore at me and made other employees cry. The GM does not care about the employees at all, even if you work there for a long time they will toss you to the side like you're nothing. Do not bust your butt for these people they only care about their own salary and their own paid time off. If you want to make a decent cheque you will have to work 25/30 days a month and working 10-12 days in a row because they will only schedule you for 4 hour shifts. If you become a lead you will do more and more work and manual labour and be micro managed and still paid minimum wage and no benefits. The only way to survive is to become a favorite.
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