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Great workplace culture, but the payment can be better. Management was all very nice, but quite disorganized. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Organizing size, helps customers find the right outfit and helps them feel their best self when leaving.
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it was an ok seasonal job

it was ok seasonal job, whack customers but team members and supervisors are nice (not sure now since it seems like the majority of my supervisors that I worked with are not there anymore or moved)
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Did a co-op placement years ago

Was a hectic environment for a highschool student. I had to decline a job offer there due to me not feeling ready, but my co-op placement was a nice experience. the employees were very helpful and kind to me.
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Had a great time working at the company. Lots of room for growth as long as you work hard. Great discount for all GAP stores too. If you love working in a team, this is the place to be.
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Great first job

This was a great place to work as a first job. Fun atmosphere and fairly straightforward work and expectations. Hours weren’t the best but there were always opportunities to pick up shifts.
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It can be fun

You get a really nice bunch of diverse people to work with and it can be fun. Management sometimes tend to pick favourites and make you feel it if you have underperformed a task during training. It's also a lot of standing in one place, so get good shoes!
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would not recommend

The management was horrible, I worked there for just over six months. I loved the job at first and then started to notice very weird a wrong things that the management did and got away with. There was very little consideration for my time or how we were treated. I did learn a lot about a work environment, but not a healthy one.
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This company makes no sense.

If you want to be on call 24/7, expected to work everyday all day doing everyone else’s job this is the place for you. Very little hours. You work everyday of the week but only for 3 hours, If you want to be expected to do tasks in 3 hours even though it’s a 10 part list. This is the place for you. If you want to be bounced between cash, fitting rooms and BOH because they didn’t schedule properly, this is the place for you. If you like favouritism, gossip and rude comments said to you, this is the place for you. The company promotes being available everyday of the week but your barely get hours, your shifts get cut then they call you in the next day. It’s chaos. Management could love you one day and completely hate you the next because you didn’t want to come into work with one hours notice. You have no chance to be promoted no matter how hard you work. The atmosphere is chaotic and bad. The GM is lazy and never shows up to work, constantly calling in sick, never doesn’t anything but walk around with no purpose.

Points positifs

50% discount, Assitant managers are great, flexible

Points négatifs

Short hours, rude staff, favouritism, terrible GM
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To me as a first job it's a good job and gives you a great experience in the workplace. Pay is the traditional minimum wage and increases slowly. Really good employment!
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Terrible and horrid place to work

Was referred to this job by an old acquaintance. Management is extremely racist and abusive towards certain staff members. Anything you mention to the general manager or other management is never kept confidential and guaranteed privacy breeches at work. Harassed daily at work and verbally abused by several managers and no matter how many times you complain, higher up management will never do a thing to rectify the situation. The coworkers are also not pleasant to work with as they like to chit chat amongst each other and lie to rattle your nerves for their own amusement.

Points positifs

Going home after dealing with this insufferable workplace

Points négatifs

Having to deal with this insufferable workplace.
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Fast paced retail environment

A high intensity and fast paced retail environment with constant traffic. Affordable and democratize philosophy for retail clothing. Retail clothing and accessories for all ages, genders of people.
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Slow paced- little to no training, very clicky.

-mostly just walked around and folded clothes. -received absolutely no training whatsoever. -very unorganized -i received 2 phone calls with no messages left -very last minute scheduling -a sense of being judged by other associates.
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Its alright

Its alright if you dont have a manager that makes it worse. Good work life balance, not amazing benefits. Good place if you like working with clothing. Not great hours, unless they like you.
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Great Job

I really enjoyed working here, it was a great job as afar as retail jobs go. 50% employee discount (amazing, I miss it!) loved most of my managers, room for advancement pretty early on if you’re a good employee. Fun, chill work environment. Pretty easy job, standard work requirements, tidying shopping area, working cash and fitting rooms. Management is good at placing you where you excel. No significant dress code, not even required to wear old navy clothes as long as there’s no other visible brands.
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Good customer service and a good place to start working if it’s your first job

It’s a nice place to work and balance with school. For customers, great service delivery. Employee and management, not so great. Could be better. Extreme expectation from workers with little to no benefit
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Exhausting - basic min. wage job

Not sure if things have changed as I hear management has changed hands. It was very tiring, I was stuck with a 4:00am - 7:30 am shift most of the time but would be switched to the day shift every so often. You didn't get many shifts and it was hard to change them if you did.

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Points négatifs

Early hours, exhausting, on your feet all day
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very minimal hours. you will learn style and clothes. expected to fold and put away clothes help customers all hands on deck attitude. hardest part is keeping sane folding clothes over and over. keep in mind its my first retail job and not used to the situation...
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