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Associate9 avis
Edmonton, AB9 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Too much work but not getting paid enough

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Asking to do so much but won’t pay you enough. Very little training on the salesfloor yet they expect you to know everything on your first day. They expect you to understand everything they say on the walkie. Some co workers are helpful but some will get annoyed when you ask them questions or help.
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Boring, bad pay.

Old Navy is not a great place to work. The work is not very engaging, and the compensation is frankly awful. Barely above minumum wage with no benefits for part time employees. There is some potential for growth, but they don't even raise your pay when they promote you to "Senior Lead." I could only recommend this job to a very inexperienced person looking to build skills dealing with customers.

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Cheap clothes.

Points négatifs

Mindnumbing, thoughtless work. Unprofessional management. Compensation that makes you wish you were unemployed.
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Little to no hours

They might not give you enough hours to cover the gas it takes to drive there.Second week in, and they cut our hours. If you desperately need a job and/or experience, give it a shot, otherwise, leave it alone and keep searching.Good luck to the job hunters out there!
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Toxic management

In the beginning working here was alright, but once they had new management it was a disaster. If you’re a student and seem as though you prioritize anything else over working, they’ll automatically dislike you and cut your hours. They only want people who live and breathe for the company.
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Super nice people good opportunity to move up

Worked here for 4 years now super slow in January but the rest of the year it’s nice. The people are awesome and it’s an easy job. If you are a good worker you have the chance to move up quickly. Relatively an easy going job

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Minimum wage
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It's alright

Management can be cliquey. But otherwise a great place to work. Not much opportunity to move up. They do have fun themed days on specific days of the week.
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Stressfull and overwhelming

Very stressful environment. If you were not one of there favorites or hadn't been working for awhile you were treated like an inferior. Not a nice place.
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Productive with challenges

In a typical work day you can clean and sweep the floor, make runs for the fitting rooms, as well as substituting on cash. Management is very supportive and it is a good environment.
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Decent starting job and a place to learn

Despite the job itself being okay, management at Old Navy was poor for the most part, some were very rude and did not care about the workers. For having so many people on the team, not many would be scheduled per day making it difficult for employees and forcing them to take on numerous tasks at once to complete at almost impossible times. The coworkers are great and supporting which helps the work environment, the hardest part of the job is keeping up with all the tasks and making your pace faster than flow of traffic in the store while constantly multitasking. However the enjoyable parts are the people you meet and being able to socialize more with customers.

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hours are never consistant
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18 septembre 2018
We sorry to hear about your experience. We understand our leaders play a significant role in the experience of our employees. We are dedicated to providing resources to help our managers best support their teams.

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Associate chez Old Navy

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