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Associate12 avis
Calgary, AB12 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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There are ups and downs.

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Overall team and atmosphere is nice but there's lots of drama and gossip. Staff are prioritized based on how well you do your job only if you go above and beyond. Communication needs improvement. Work can be tiring on busy days since you stand on your feet for long hours. Must be customer focused to sell merchandise and sign up customers for rewards programs. HIGH employee turnover!

Points positifs

Training basics, lead positions, 50% store discount and discounts at gap and banana republic.

Points négatifs

non-negotiable minimum 28+ hr availability, General Manager attitude/coaching/sarcasm/ behaviour to staff is unprofessional
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Very fast paced! Not for everyone.

Family oriented. High traffic = Fast paced & lots of work. Team building fundraising events. Growth in specific areas if you want. “Go-go” mentality. The team can be touching go whereas internal drama is concerned. If you want to work very hard with lots of hours + minimum breaks, it’s the job for you. Tip: Keep track of your hours and pay. Managers are strict on sick days, saying “no” to shifts, and required minimum hours.

Points positifs

Good staff come and go, Good events and fundraisers including free lunches, Room up the stepping ladder, if you want get rid of your free time.

Points négatifs

Understaffed at times due to mass quitting’s, Minimum breaks, Barely any days off if you wanting to work as a regular, Poor treatment if you say no to a shift.
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Undervalued and Ignored

Worked at Old Navy for a bit over a year and a half. In the beginning it was nice, I was treated nicely and got lots of hours during the summer. However, during school was when I noticed a shift. The hours became so low, a 3-4 hour shift a MONTH. Then after a few months, I was given about 4-5 shifts in a week I could hardly get my schoolwork done with any free time. The worst part about the shifts, were that they were always 3-4 hours, and always in the middle of the day. Not in the morning, not at night. Always from about 11-4 pm or so, which left zero chance to make plans with people or to get class work done. But whatever, I put up with it. Then the second summer came around. No hours again. The same small shift once a month or so. I brought this up to them and there was nothing they could do about it apparently. But whatever, school was starting soon. It was going well, not too many hours but enough, about 1-2 shifts a week. Then January came around. No hours for the entire month. Finally in February they bombarded me with so many hours AGAIN that I could not keep up with. I talked to them about it, they told me that they "are enrolling a new work plan" and this would become the new normal.. I finally gave my notice and quit, however they seemed really hesitant on letting me go, asking me to keep thinking it over. I did not. I could not keep up with the inconsistent hours and them literally giving me 20 hours in a week, every week. I could not handle that with school. I tried so hard to do it, too.The turnaround was insanely high. I was honestly one of the only people - 
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Not a good place to work at

When i worked here I enjoyed it at first cause managers put up a front and acted all nice and cared but later after working for some time they stopped giving that front and revealed their true colours and stopped caring about you. They always want to schedule you as if you don’t have a life outside of work. They only give you 3 hour shifts as well, even if you ask for more hours they won’t give it. You will never feel comfortable telling managers anything like struggling with mental health cause they won’t care.

Points positifs

other brand associates are nice

Points négatifs

short hours, no management support
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Toxic Environment

No support from management and expectations are unrealistics. You are only good in the management book when you say yes all the time but when you say no they treat you like garbage.

Points positifs

Employee discount

Points négatifs

No support from management
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Sales Associates

As a sales associates you can be a cashier, helping customers on the sales floor, sometimes wiping down fitting rooms (due to COVID), answering calls from customers about the product in-store. In terms of management, I was lucky enough to have a very nice team where my managers were very kind and understanding. The hardest part of the job is learning the tiny stuff like looking for items using the iPods or the tablets; as well as the unexpected inquiries from customers. A busy day can get stressful especially when there are 4-5 customers asking you for sizes or inquiring about different things. Another thing is depending on how clean/messy the store location is, on busy days it can be a hassle to fold clothes down and pick up things off of the floor (so don't work here if you don't like bending down all the time). This job is not recommenced for people who easily get tired because as a sales associates you're always on your feet. This job is great teens and/or those trying to get their feet wet into the workplace and gain some experience.

Points positifs

On special occasions like Christmas or Black Friday, you get donuts

Points négatifs

Long hours, high expectations from managers.
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Bad hours and work environment.

Most of the job is incredibly easy. Fine experience for first-time retail workers. They take advantage of young people without work experience and constantly cut shifts short as well as give infrequent hours. I once had a single 3 hour shift on my 2 week pay cheque. Work environment is very awkward, nobody ever talked and I was never even acknowledged by management after I put in my 2 weeks. They over-hire to ensure you are replaceable.

Points positifs

Easy, Slow-Paced, Good Experience

Points négatifs

Bad Hours, Bad Work Environment
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Terrible Managers, disorganized mess of a place to work

Working here was the bane of my existence; the managers didn't care about my availability at all. I've cried in front of them before due to the stress.

Points positifs

Nice Cowerkers who also hate it here so we could vent to each other :)

Points négatifs

Didn't care about availability nor mental health of workers.
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Very fun to work at

Great sense of community, everyone is very friendly. The managers are very encouraging and they understand that life gets in the way sometimes. Would recommend applying as a first job or part time.
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Terrible Management

Let me start off by saying that the 50% off regular price merchandise was helpful. They also do not require you to wear clothes of their brand at all times. It's fun because there's volunteer opportunities, and you create a lot of great friends. That's about it. My first month there was amazing but the managers are quick to pick favourites and bully the kids they don't like. They push people out and force them to quit if they no longer like them, and the only way to get shifts is to suck up to the managers. Out of the 5 managers, there were only 2 fair ones that were reasonable with expectations and I wish they had created the schedule. So many of my coworkers at Old Navy felt exactly the same and were experiencing similar problems. It got to the point where I got a new full time job and was at it for three months and I received a phone call asking if I was able to cover someone's shift. They didn't schedule me for three months and still expected me to come in. When I declined due to being unavailable, I was met with pretty unprofessional attitude by the manager on the call. I wouldn't work here again if it was the only job left on earth.
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good strong environment

strong team culture if ur looking to get into a workplace thats fasted paced always on your feet then old navy is the right place for u i honestly love working for old navy
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Good except no hours

It's a really good job But I barely good any hours so that was bad. The people were fun to work with and I guess they just over employed people so that was the only issue
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