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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Bonne environement de travail. Les gérants sont gentils et compréhensifs. Salaire quand meme bien pour le travail requis. La formation est courte mais efficace.
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Good college job

Was a good college job working part time throughout.Helpful staff and atmosphere, flexible work schedule made everything easy to balance. Having our metrics told to us each hour focusing what to work on was quite annoying.
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Decent place

It's a nice place to work but there was a sense of discrimination against men.It is a bit fast paced but most of the supervisors are fairly understanding and a nice company to keep around.
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Excellent management

Amazing manager and great team to work with. Great environment. I really enjoyed my time there and was sad when my seasonal contract came to an end. Great place to work!
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I enjoyed my time there.

I enjoyed working here! My hours were good at the time of employment and I also really liked the 50% off. I enjoy working with clothes and the people. Management was going through changes at the time I was employed but they did good with what they had.
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Wonderful place to work! The coworkers are friendly, they are kind. Now I’m just filling it to meet the quote for characters. Other then that great place to work
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Poor Management/Great Team

Expectations for a minimum wage job was very unrealistic. Poor management and leadership. Great team of staff to work with, great discount for staff working. The location I worked at part time was by far the busiest, and very overwhelming.

Points positifs

Great People/Team

Points négatifs

Poorly Managed
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Fun workplace and Amazing Management

Love working heree!!! All the managers and leads are so helpful and ready to accommodate your needs. All the questions are answered with patience and respect.
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A nice extra job.

It is a decent place to work at if you're a High school student. Workload can be heavy for managers and a little fast paced at times. It is a decent place to make some extra money.
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Great environment and coworkers

I had the opportunity to work in all areas of the store and gain experience in a lot of things I had not done before. Managers were always welcoming and there to support. Great balance of hours and schedule for students and working parents. Had the chance to volunteer for community events with coworker, which I had never experienced at other jobs.

Points positifs

Managers always made sure there were personal items available to ALL of us, there was always stocked cupboards with snacks and drinks.

Points négatifs

Random shifts.
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Fun if you have a good team

If you enjoy talking with lots of people this would be a great jib for you! If not, it might be difficult. Also depends on the team that you’re with.
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It's ok

It's a fun workplace when you have a good team. Pay is really low and when promoted to senior lead positions, the increase in hourly rate is almost nothing, but they do expect you to take more responsibility.
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Boring, bad pay.

Old Navy is not a great place to work. The work is not very engaging, and the compensation is frankly awful. Barely above minumum wage with no benefits for part time employees. There is some potential for growth, but they don't even raise your pay when they promote you to "Senior Lead." I could only recommend this job to a very inexperienced person looking to build skills dealing with customers.

Points positifs

Cheap clothes.

Points négatifs

Mindnumbing, thoughtless work. Unprofessional management. Compensation that makes you wish you were unemployed.
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Somewhat chill atmosphere

From what I experienced, managers don’t really care about you. However, the fellow associate always treat each other with respect and the atmosphere is always supportive.
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Either really busy or really quiet. Hard to keep up with the amount of stock on the floor. Loved the app to keep track of shifts. Mandatory after hours meetings were unnecessary I found.
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It was a good job to have during school

Flexible hours and fast-paced. Luckily most co-workers were easy to get along with. The training was pretty easy. My role as a brand ambassador was pretty basic, it terms of responsibilities.

Points positifs

Discounted clothes

Points négatifs

Sometimes not enough hours
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Fun workplace

It’s a nice company to work for as a part time employee. The managers are friendly and cooperative. As a student you get basic pay and can earn your living easily. The work culture is amazing. I learnt a lot here especially the client serving. Most enjoyable part of the job is the employee discount.
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Friendly people, flexible shifts, heavy workload

The best part of the job is discounts for all stores under Gap Inc. And my coworkers are generally nice. Most team leaders/ management are approachable but not all of them. The store is usually busy so the workload is definitely a lot, but will get breaks between hours. Personally, I think more training should be provided as I was very confused at the beginning.
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Very Positive

Management is always very understanding of situations, and everyone is always supportive. I think this is one of the best places someone can start their adult life when it comes to working.
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Fun work shop

Great manager, awesome staff, love to be one of them, I learn all from old Navy The most enjoyable part when customer leaves happy and my area look organized
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Boring, Unsupportive, Bad Culture

When I worked there, management would never care about the store, would talk about other employees, Ignore us when we call them for help. Would not recommend working there.
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